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Essential Oils · Homekeeping · Cleaning · How To Make An All-Natural Fabric Refreshing Spray

How To Make An All-Natural Fabric Refreshing Spray

Smell ya later, odors.

I rarely buy or use fabric refreshers around the house, but not because I don’t see the appeal. It mostly has to do with the intensity of the scents of fabric refreshers! Even if it smells good, which most of them do, the smell is just so strong that I usually don’t bother. But when I came across an idea for making a homemade alternative to store-bought fabric refreshing sprays, I was eager to give it a try!

This amazing deodorizing spray contains just 3 natural ingredients, and has a much more subtle scent than its store-bought counterparts. The main ingredient is our old friend baking soda, for its natural odor-absorbing powers. (I find it fascinating that baking soda is still an effective odor-absorber even when it’s dissolved in a liquid!) The baking soda is dissolved in a bit of distilled water, along with the essential oil or oils of your choosing. And that’s it!

What essential oils you’ll use is totally up to you. I love most essential oil scents and blends, so I had a hard time narrowing it down. (We eventually chose to use our Simple Clean blend!) Other great options to add to your spray would be citrus oils, like lemon, lime, or tangerine. Citrus scents always say “fresh and clean” to me!

Natural Homemade “Febreze” Fabric Refresher

You’ll need:


Add the baking soda to the spray bottle, then fill with warm distilled water. (Heating the water up a bit helps the baking soda to dissolve.)

Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil (or combination of essential oils), replace the spray cap, and shake to combine.

Use your spray as needed to freshen up the fabric and upholstery around your house.

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