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Cleaning · How To Make An All-Natural “Soft Scrub” Cleanser

How To Make An All-Natural “Soft Scrub” Cleanser

Effective, natural, and easy to make.

I’ve been really excited to share this idea with you, and I think you are going to love it as much as I do! When I came across this idea, I had to ask myself (as I so often do,) why haven’t I thought to try something like this before!?!

Soft Scrub has been a popular cleaning product for many years, and it’s not hard to see why! It has a texture rather like an exfoliating face scrub, which helps to erase deposits and stains on all sorts of surfaces. It also leaves surfaces looking not just clean, but sparkling! The “recipe” I’m sharing with you today is an all-natural and homemade take on Soft Scrub, and it works every bit as good as the original!

Homemade Soft Scrub



Combine the baking soda and castile soap in a mixing bowl.

Add the water and tea tree oil to the bowl and stir with a fork.

Stir until you achieve a paste-like consistency. (I had to add a little more baking soda at this point to get the consistency I was looking for.)

Transfer to your container of choice, then grab your sponge and start cleaning!

How To Use It

Use your homemade Soft Scrub to clean your sink, bathtub, toilet, microwave, tile and grout, countertops, pots and pans, glass stovetop, concrete, stainless steel, granite, and glass. Avoid using it on porous surfaces such as untreated wood or granite.

In my opinion, this stuff works every bit as good (if not better!) as the store-bought version. And I love knowing that it only contains natural cleaners, including my beloved baking soda, essential oils, and good ol’ castile soap. 🙂

In case you were worried about the longevity of this homemade cleaner, I just wanted to add a comment on my experience. I’ve used this cleaner for up to a month after making it, and it’s always been just as effective as the day I made it. I can’t vouch for longer than that, but if it does start to become less effective at this point, it should be easy enough to just whip up a new batch.

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