· Holidays · Easter · How To Make An Edible Easter Basket In 3 Easy Steps
Easter · How To Make An Edible Easter Basket In 3 Easy Steps

How To Make An Edible Easter Basket In 3 Easy Steps

This Easter craft is equal parts fun, cute, and delicious.

This project has been one of my all-time favorite holiday crafts since I first attempted it several years ago. Not only does the final product look adorable, but it’s also really fun to make! And I also like the idea of an “edible” basket for Easter for practical reasons. Wicker and wooden Easter baskets are cute, but they’re just going to be taking up space for 51 weeks out of the year, right? These Easter baskets will get dismantled and eaten, so I don’t have to worry about finding room for them in the garage.

But the best reason to make one or two (or four) of these baskets this Easter is that it gives you an excuse to buy and eat Peeps! Easter is Peeps season in my mind, so you have to take advantage of it! 🙂 Alright, enough chit-chat – let’s get down to business! This basket comes together in three simple steps, starting with the base.

Step 1 – Basket Base

You’ll need:


Arrange the four boxes of Peeps to form a square shape, as shown. Secure the boxes in place using several glue dots or several pieces of clear packing tape.

Next, apply your spray adhesive to the outside edges of the scrapbook paper. Let the adhesive dry slightly until it becomes tacky, then firmly press the Peeps-square to down onto the scrapbook paper.

When the adhesive dries, use your scissors to trim the excess scrapbook paper away to finish off the basket. Now it’s time to move on to the handle!

Step 2 – Basket Handle

You’ll need:


Measure and cut six 1″ strips from your 12″ x 12″ sheet of paper.

Place two of the strips end-to-end, and secure them using piece of tape to form one long strip. Repeat until you have three long strips of paper.

On a flat work surface, lay out one of the paper strips horizontally. Place the other two strips of paper vertically, right next to each other. Line up the tops of the vertical strips over the right edge of the horizontal strip. Secure the 3 strips together using a binder clip.

Then, take the right-most strip in your hand and fold it over to the left. It should end up lying parallel to the horizontal strip.

Next, take that horizontal strip in hand (not the one you just folded) and fold it down. This one should end up lying parallel to the vertical strip.

Continue this pattern, picking up the outside of the two parallel strips and folding it over.

Keep folding the strips until you reach the end of the paper, then trim any excess paper away.

Remove the binder clip and use a few glue dots to secure the paper strips in place.

Use the packing tape to secure the braided handle to either side of the Peeps basket. Finally, you’ll make a couple of bows to put the finishing touches on your basket!

Step 3 – Paper Bows

You’ll need:


Print the bow template onto your paper of choice, then use your scissors to cut out the shapes along the lines.

Take one of the long pieces (marked A on the template), and place a glue dot or dab of craft glue on the left edge, the right edge, and the center. Fold the edges over to meet in the center, and stick them down to form a bow shape.

Next, use a glue dot to stick the center of the bow to the center of the shorter piece (piece B on the template).

Finally, take the small rectangle (piece C) and stick it to top of the bow. Fold the edges around the center of the bow and tape them in place on the back. Repeat each step to complete the second bow.

Use a piece of tape or more glue dots to stick the bows over the edges of the braided handle on your Peeps basket.

And voila, your adorably festive and edible Easter basket is ready to be filled with whatever goodies you choose!

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