· Holidays · Valentine's Day · How To Make Easy Paper Heart Chains For Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day · How To Make Easy Paper Heart Chains For Valentine’s Day

How To Make Easy Paper Heart Chains For Valentine’s Day

The ultimate cute and easy Valentine's decor.

I don’t know what it is, but I have a serious weakness for paper crafts! Over the years I’ve posted about making paper snowflakes, paper flowers, and even paper Christmas decor. Today I’m sharing another seasonal paper craft, just in time for Valentine’s Day! These paper heart chains are quick and easy to make, and they add an instant touch of Valentine charm around the house! And they’re easy enough that you could do this as a fun Valentine’s activity with the kids. Or you could just make them yourself for some therapeutic crafting time. (Hey, sometimes it’s necessary! Especially in the middle of winter!) 🙂

How To Make Paper Heart Chains

You’ll need:


Start by cutting a piece of paper in half.

Then take the two halves and cut them into strips about 1″ thick. The amount of paper strips you need will depend on how long you want the length of your chain.

When you have a reasonable pile of paper strips, stack 4 of them together. Staple the 4 strips together at one end.

Now pull the two strips on the outsides downward, and hold them together to create a heart shape. Place another strip of paper on each side, line up the edges, and then staple it together. (It should look like there’s a V-shape framing the heart.)

Pull the outside strips down again to create another heart, adding more strips before stapling. Continue this process until your chain is as long as you want it to be, then finish by stapling the last heart together (without adding more strips first).

Use the strips coming out of the first heart to hang your heart chain up. You can hang it over a doorway, along a wall, or in a hallway. Anywhere you think could use a bit of Valentine’s cheer!

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