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Create Your Own “Signature Scent” Perfume Using Natural Essential Oils

Cheaper than traditional perfume, with ingredients you can feel good about.

Most perfumes smell lovely, but they can be REALLY expensive! They also contain all sorts of complicated ingredients that probably aren’t great for your health. But forgoing traditional perfumes doesn’t mean you can’t still smell nice. 😉 Fragrant essential oils can be used to create a natural alternative to traditional scents, and today I’ll be showing you how to do just that!

Essential oil-based perfumes are easy to make, and the number of combinations you can create is nearly limitless! You can use essential oils from flowers to make feminine, floral scents, or essential oils from trees to make woodsy and musky scents, and so on. Or you can mix and match different types of oils in unique combinations to create your own “signature scent!” First I’ll share the (super easy) directions for making an essential oil perfume. After the directions, keep scrolling to see a few of the essential oil combinations we tried out. Make them for yourself, or use them as inspiration for creating your own combinations. Happy experimenting! 🙂

How To Make An Essential Oil Perfume

You’ll need:


Remove the cap and roller mechanism from your roller bottle, and fill it about 3/4 of the way with your carrier oil of choice. I used fractionated coconut oil, because it’s affordable and doesn’t have a strong scent. (You don’t want the scent of your carrier oil to overpower the other oils!)

Next, add your essential oils choice to the bottle. (See below for a few of the “recipes” we tried out.)

Finally, top off the bottle with a bit more of your carrier oil, if necessary. Carefully press the roller mechanism back into the bottle, and you’re done!

Perfume Recipes & Inspiration

Floral Bliss

This is a great “all-purpose” scent. It’s feminine and floral without being overwhelming.

Baker’s Delight

This scent is a great choice for anyone who loves vanilla-scented bath and body products. It smells delicious and home-y without smelling “too sweet.”

Fresh Forest

If you’re more into rustic and musky scents, this is the one for you. It smells like the great outdoors!

Want even more essential oil inspiration? Check out the links below for more unique combinations that you could easily adapt for use in a perfume.

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