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How To Make Cheap and Easy Giant Christmas Ornaments

Go big or go home this Christmas!

As soon as I saw the idea for these oversized Christmas ornaments, I knew I wanted a set to decorate the windows of our studio. I’ve always been drawn to whimsical Christmas decorations, so these ornaments appealed to me immediately. Plus, it’s the kind of project that is right up my alley; it’s quick, easy, and affordable.

And of course, most importantly, they are totally adorable. I mean, just look how cute they are! These oversized ornaments are practically oozing Christmas cheer. It took me all of a half-hour to make these, and it was a half-hour well spent, in my opinion! Here’s how you can make your own oversized Christmas ornaments to to help make your home “merry and bright!”

Oversized Ornaments

You’ll need:


Start by painting your ball with red spray paint. It may take a few thin coats to get complete coverage. (Skip this step if your ball is already red.)

Next, paint your empty container with your silver spray paint. Let it dry for the recommended time period.

Poke two small holes in your plastic container, one on each side.

Feed a length of wire through the holes to form a loop that runs through the container.

Position the painted container upside-down on your ball, and use the silicone glue to attach it.

Consider positioning the container over a part of the ball you want to cover up, like a barcode or an air valve. Allow the glue to dry for several hours, or overnight.

When the glue is dry, you’re ready to hang your super-sized ornaments! Hang them at various heights near your front door, or hang them in a window to create a festive display that kids and kids-at-heart will love!

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