· Bright Ideas · How To Make S’mores Without A Campfire
Bright Ideas · How To Make S’mores Without A Campfire

How To Make S’mores Without A Campfire

I’ve been talking a lot about our recent lakeside family vacation in Minnesota, but I can’t help it! We had so much fun just spending time together, whether it was doing lake activities, playing games, or sitting around the fire behind our cabin. We had a fire in that fire ring every single night we were there! And I don’t know about you, but for my family, sitting fireside simply isn’t complete without s’mores. 🙂

So when we got back from Minnesota, we were all having some pretty serious s’mores withdrawals! We do have a fire-ring in our backyard, but making a full-on fire can be a big time commitment. I found myself wishing we had a way to make s’mores for dessert, without having to take the time to break down firewood and get a fire going. And that’s where this project comes in… a DIY “S’mores Maker” that is almost TOO easy to put together!

It’s a perfectly convenient solution for quickly and easily making s’mores without a campfire. Not only is it great just for the convenience factor, but it’s also a great solution for people live in areas that prohibit backyard fires. All you need is a small outdoor table to put your S’mores Maker on, some s’mores supplies, and some roasting sticks, and you’ve got all the makings of a memorable (and delicious!) summer night!

DIY S’mores Maker

You’ll need:

Now I have to warn you, you should pay special attention to these instructions. Blink and you’ll miss them! 😉

Fill your terra cotta pot with decorative rocks.

Dig out a space for the Sterno can so that it sits level with the rocks and the rim of the pot. Make sure that the can is level, and that it is securely situated.

Set your terra cotta pot where you’ll be using it, so that you don’t have to move it around once it heats up. (Terra cotta can get really hot!)

Open the lid of the Sterno can, use your lighter to light the gel, and get roasting! 🙂

When you’re done, simply extinguish the flame, and let it sit for an hour or so to cool down before handling (or use protective gloves if you need to move it immediately.)

Note: If you’re not familiar with Sterno cans, the flame can be hard to see, but that doesn’t mean it’s not burning! If you’re sure the flame has gone out, it will relight easily with your lighter.

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