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Organization · This Is The Cheap And Easy Way To Make Custom Labels

This Is The Cheap And Easy Way To Make Custom Labels

Learn how to make clear labels the easy way, with no specialty paper or complicated software required!

At some point in the past decade or so, I finally got fed up with the amount of packaging in my pantry. I was up to my eyes in unsightly boxes and bags that were taking up space and making me crazy!

So I started collecting cute reusable containers so I could store my pantry foods and ingredients in those and get rid of all the bulky packaging. My pantry started looking a million times better, and I was content.

That contentment was short-lived, because I eventually realized I had inadvertently created another problem—my containers didn’t have labels to tell me what was inside! I thought about buying some of those label sheets that you can get at office supply stores, but ultimately I decided that I could figure out a cheaper option.

After scouring the web for ideas, I came across a method for making homemade labels using packing tape. I was skeptical at first, because I was sure the ink wouldn’t transfer right and that the tape wouldn’t stay sticky.

But all my skepticism was for naught, because it all worked out and I ended up with homemade labels that were cute, functional, and didn’t cost me a penny to make since I already had all the supplies on hand. Here’s how you can make your own custom labels:

How To Make Custom Printed Labels

You’ll need:


Step 1 – Print The Design

Start by printing your label design onto a sheet of copy paper. You can choose images, text, or anything else you want to make a label of! Printing in black or grayscale makes for the best label (because colored ink just doesn’t seem to transfer as well for some reason.)

Step 2 – Tape Over The Design

Carefully cover the printed area with a piece (or pieces, if necessary) of heavy-duty packing tape.

Step 3 – Cut The Labels And Press The Ink

Use your scissors to cut your labels down to whatever size you want them to be.

Then take your craft stick, or something sturdy with a flat edge, and slide it across the tape to help push the ink onto the tape. Give it some elbow grease, because more pressure will help make a clearer label!

Step 4 – Soak The Labels

Next, fill a wide, shallow bowl with warm water. Place your label(s) into the water and let them soak for 20 minutes to an hour, or until the paper will separate easily from the tape.

Step 5 – Remove The Paper And Let It Dry

Remove the labels from the water and carefully peel the paper away from the tape. Set the tape onto a towel with the sticky side facing up, and allow it to dry for a few minutes.

Once the tape dries out, the adhesive will become sticky again.

Step 6 – Apply The Finished Label

Finally, place your label on the intended container or surface. (They look great on glass, but you can also apply them to wood and plastic.)

We made a few labels for a few big glass jars in the kitchen at our studio. I love how they turned out, and the fact that it didn’t cost us a thing to make them. How’s that for frugal organization?

How do you label your containers?

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