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How To Save Money On Clothes For Life’s Special Occasions

New life changes often call for new clothes, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Normally I love shopping for clothes, but there are some situations where the experience can be more stressful than fun! If I have to buy several items in a short period of time, or if I’m shopping for an outfit for a special occasion, the task can seem daunting (not to mention expensive!)

But I recently discovered a convenient solution to these stress-inducing shopping situations… an online secondhand clothing store called thredUP! The fact that I can browse their huge selection from my own couch takes all of the stress out of shopping, and I know I’m getting a great deal on the things that I buy. I know that with thredUP, I can get outfitted for anything life throws at me!

Here are a few of life’s special occasions that can be made easier and more affordable by shopping on thredUP.

Reunions, Weddings, And Other Special Occasions

Whether you’re attending a family reunion, a high school reunion, or a wedding, everyone wants to dress to impress. You could go out and spend a small fortune on a new outfit, but wouldn’t you rather save yourself the trip AND save yourself some money?

Shopping secondhand fashions on thredUP can be a great way to find that perfect outfit for a reunion. If “secondhand” has you thinking of old cast-offs and thrift store duds, think again! thredUP triple inspects each item (by hand!) to ensure that all of their clothes are in like-new condition, while still offering  them at secondhand prices. You can get a fashionable, brand name dress or outfit for a fraction of the cost of a new one, and you don’t even need to leave the house to do it!

My husband recently informed me that his 40 year high school reunion is coming up in July. I decided to log on to thredUP to see if I could find something special to wear. To my delight, I quickly found an entire outfit, including shoes, that I love!

My favorite item is this pink Ralph Lauren silk skirt that still had the original tags! It originally retailed for $95, but I got it for just $24.99. For the entire outfit, including the skirt, a shrug, a clutch, and a pair of  gorgeous, sparkly heels, I paid only $77! That’s a savings of $176.00 off of retail!

Taking a Vacation or Moving To A New Climate

Winter is a popular time to take a holiday to somewhere warm and sunny. But in the middle of winter, you may not be equipped with the right clothes for warmer weather. Shopping on thredUP can be a convenient and affordable way to stock up on some warm weather clothes.

The advantage of shopping on thredUP for your vacation wardrobe is that you’re sure to find the type of clothes you’re looking for, no matter what season it currently is. Brick-and-mortar clothing stores don’t usually stock out-of-season clothes, and if they do, the selection probably isn’t very big. thredUP has a huge selection of clothes for any season. Narrow your search by your size, then narrow the field even further by selecting your favorite brands. Your perfect vacation wardrobe is only a few clicks away!

This is also a great way to stock up on weather-appropriate clothes if you’re moving somewhere with a warmer or colder climate. Then when you make the move, you’ll be able to focus on making your new house feel like home, instead of scrambling for clothes!

Weight Change

Losing or gaining weight can wreak equal havoc on your wardrobe. You may find yourself suddenly needing a whole new wardrobe in a different size! Shopping at traditional clothing retailers would get really expensive really quickly. Shopping on thredUP is an affordable alternative!

thredUP has a great search function that allows you to narrow your search to a specific size, so you can quickly find great new pieces in your new size. And if you place an order and find out that you misjudged your new size, you can easily print out a return shipping label and send the clothes back for a full refund. You can replace your wardrobe with quality like-new clothes, without breaking the bank. And I bet you’ll have fun doing it!

A New Job

Congratulations, you got the job! But do you have the right clothes for your new work environment? Getting a job in a new field or a new setting often means getting a new set of work clothes, too. And before your first paycheck, you may not have much of a budget to devote towards those clothes. Shopping secondhand on thredUP can help you stretch your budget, and you won’t have to sacrifice your style or your favorite brands.

A New Style

Even if you’re not shopping for a specific occasion, you might just want to switch your style up! thredUP makes it easy to find great secondhand clothes in any style you can think of. Try on as many different looks as you want, right from the comfort of your own home. And if you’re not loving your new look as much as you thought you would, just send those items back and try something different! You’re sure to find something you love (and you’re sure to love the price, too!)

I’m happy to announce that the generous folks at thredUP have arranged a giveaway just for you guys! One lucky reader will win a $250 credit to use in their store! To enter the giveaway, just visit thredUP and find any item that you’d love to have. Copy the link to that item, and paste it into a comment at the bottom of this blog post. Post the comment, and you’ll be entered to win!

While only one lucky reader will win the giveaway, thredUP has something special for the rest of you, too! They have generously offered One Good Thing By Jillee readers a special discount! The first 100 people to use my code BYJILLEE40 at checkout will get an extra 40% off their first order! Applies to new customers only. Discount up to $50. Now that’s what I call a DEAL! 🙂

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