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Make Your Own Ice Cream “Mashups”

If your 4th of July plans include a barbecue or cookout, chances are you’re looking for some crowd-pleasing recipes to serve your guests. Since holiday gatherings are usually all about what’s being served for dinner, it’s always nice to have something quick and simple to serve for dessert. But even for casual summertime entertaining, you still want dessert to be special, right?? These ice cream “mashups” are the perfect solution – they’re easy to make, can be prepared in advance, and have a gourmet flair that is sure to impress!

The basic idea is to dress up standard vanilla ice cream with the mix-ins of your choice. Britta, Kaitlyn and I did some experimenting and decided that 2 mix-ins was the optimal number per mashup, because it provides contrast and interest in the flavor without being overwhelming. We tried 4 different combinations for our “mashups”….

  • Chocolate + peanut butter pretzel sandwiches
  • Oatmeal cookies + blueberries
  • Honey + pistachios
  • Raspberry jam + cinnamon cereal

To make a mashup, first let your vanilla ice cream warm up on your counter for a few minutes, to make it easier to work with. Then gather your mix-ins and chop them into smaller pieces, if necessary.

Scoop your ice cream into a large bowl, add your mix-ins, and fold them into the ice cream. You don’t need to mix too much, just enough to incorporate the pieces.

Once it’s mixed, scoop the mixture into a freezer-safe container, and place it in your freezer for at least an hour or so to allow it to harden again.

Then scoop and serve whenever you’re ready!

I really loved how these turned out. There’s just something about having everything mixed in and frozen together that makes it really special. In terms of flavors, I thought they were all great, but I especially liked the combination of raspberry jam and the cinnamon cereal. Cinnamon and fruit work together so well!

Do yourself, and your guests, a favor this holiday and give these mashups a try. It’s a simple way to turn common vanilla ice cream into an uncommon treat.

What combinations would you like to try out in a mashup??

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