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Crafts & DIY Projects · Lap Duvets…a beautiful and simple sewing project.

Lap Duvets…a beautiful and simple sewing project.

This has been such a strange summer. The weather where I live has gone from cold, to chilly to muggy…but hasn’t seemed to spend much time actually being HOT like it should be this time of year!

I actually started to get a little panicky today when I realized we are already into the first week of AUGUST!

The sweet, sweet days of summer are going by too quickly!

In light of the fickle summer weather we’re having…when I saw these lovely Lap Duvets by Molly at The Purl Bee I was immediately smitten! There are just times when you would like a little extra covering and softness to snuggle with when you’re relaxing on soft summer evenings….but dragging out a big, bulky blanket or comforter just doesn’t sound appealing at all.

These look like just the ticket! 

Soft and fluffy and light as a cloud!  And the fabrics are SO pretty! They come from a collection of fabrics by designer Naomi Ito and I think the colors are just perfect for summer.

They remind me of sherbet and creamsicles!

You will find a well done tutorial complete with step-by-step instructions (and pictures!) on how to whip up one of these useful and beautiful lap duvets on ThePurlBee.com.

Molly said it took her less than 2 hours from start to finish.  My sewing skills are a little rusty right now (sorry Mom!) so I’m going to allow myself 2 and a HALF hours! 🙂

But first I am going to have to get my hands on some of this amazing batting she used (it’s the stuff at the bottom of the stack in this picture).

It’s called Dream Wool (a very fitting name)…and is what really makes this project special!

I could take several long summer naps resting on this stuff…..and I plan to!  I am definitely putting this on my short list of things I want to make.  Pronto!

Before the fleeting days of summer fade away…………………

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