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Crafts & DIY Projects · Make A Simple DIY Cat Hammock

Make A Simple DIY Cat Hammock

Lounging in a hammock is probably one of life’s most relaxing things to do. Share the experience with your cat by making one of these simple, inexpensive cat hammocks. It’s the purrrfect place for kitty to lounge, snooze, and plot world domination. 🙂

Britta writes………

I love making easy, DIY project for my cat. It saves me quite a bit of money over buying expensive pet furniture and toys, and I don’t ever have to worry about her destroying them because I can just make it again if she does! 🙂 So when I saw this project for a DIY Cat Hammock, I knew I had to make it for my cat!

This project is super simple, and takes just an hour or so to throw together. Start by gathering a medium-sized cardboard box and a spare fleece blanket you’re willing to cut up.

Hot glue or tape your box closed securely. Then use a ruler to trace straight lines 2-3″ from each edge of each of the 4 vertical sides of the box.

Cut along your traced lines with a box cutter or xacto knife to make a square opening in each of the 4 vertical sides.

Then, cut a piece of fleece that measures the dimensions of the bottom of your box PLUS an extra 4″ on each of the 4 sides. (Example: if the bottom of your box is 18″ by 24″, you’ll want to cut a piece of fleece that measures a total of 26″ by 32″).

Once the fleece is cut, cut a 4″ slit into each of the 4 corners of the fleece.

Then, cut two small holes about two-thirds of the way up your box, one on each side of the corner. Then feed the two slits of each corner through the holes, and tie them into a secure knot.

If you want, you can also cut a smaller piece of fleece to cover the bottom of the box, in case your kitty would rather hang out there. My cat appears to have taken to the bottom part of the box for now, but I’m sure just as soon as I leave the room (and stop taking attempting to take her picture) she’ll settle right into her new cozy perch! 🙂

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