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Crafts & DIY Projects · Make Your Own “Designer” Insulated Tumblers & Mugs

Make Your Own “Designer” Insulated Tumblers & Mugs

A few weeks ago I was doing some web surfing looking for gift ideas and stumbled upon some adorable Kate Spade tumblers. My first thought was that it was odd that there was even such a thing as a “designer” water cup! My second thought was HOW CUTE ARE THOSE!? And my third thought was…I could totally make a DIY version of those. So I did! 🙂

Tracking down the cups was pretty easy. I found both the tumblers with straws and the mugs that could be customized on Amazon. The TRICKY part came when I wanted to get “creative” with the inserts that go inside the cups to make them “designer.” Well, I’m no designer…but I was inspired by the colors and simple designs of the Kate Spade tumblers so I went in that direction.

Little did I know that I was in WAY over my head in the graphics design department! It actually wouldn’t have been nearly as hard if I’d been happy with picking some sort of random pattern, but I had my heart set on stripes & polka dots, and making those match up around a tapered glass is MUCH harder than it sounds.

So after hours of trying, I finally managed to come up with an insert that worked for both glasses and then I went a little crazy making different colors and patterns.

Basically I’ve done the hard work for you! All YOU have to do, if you want to make your OWN “designer” tumblers, is download the PDF files, print them, and cut them out.

Then you simply unscrew the bottom of the cup, roll the paper into a cone shape, and insert it. I printed mine out on cardstock because it was a little sturdier and held its’ shape better once it was put inside the cup.

As you can tell from this photo above, all my blood, sweat, and tears paid off on this project because while not PERFECT, those stripes in the back match up pretty darn good (if I do say so myself!)

Oh, and you’ll also need to order some cups. Here are links to the two tumblers I bought online at Amazon…but I’m sure there are other sources out there.

Aladdin Blank Canvas Mug 16oz  –  It appears this one is “Currently Unavailable”

Here is another 16oz Mug option:

 MIYO (Make It Your Own) Insulated Stainless Steel DIY Tumbler, 16oz

Photo Acrylic Tumbler with Straw 16 oz

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee these inserts that I worked so hard on will fit in other cups.  So just keep that in mind when ordering. That being said, they should fit in most 16 oz DIY tumblers.

Here are the different templates I made up. Hopefully there is one that will suit you. Click on the numbers BELOW THIS IMAGE to download the color and pattern you are interested in.

One  | TwoThree | FourFive | Six  | Seven | EightNine | Ten | ElevenTwelve | Thirteen | Fourteen

Like I said above, I am an amateur graphics designer at BEST, but hopefully these will end up working for you as well as they did for me.

Best thing about this project?  Six gifts crossed off the ol’ Christmas shopping list! 🙂

What ideas have you come up with for handmade/DIY gifts this year!? 

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