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Make Your Own Greeting Cards In Less Than 30-Seconds!

Make these special occasion-worthy cards in seconds!

Friday night I attended the wedding reception of a friend and colleague, Mitchell, and his beautiful bride Darrian! It was such a lovely celebration made even lovelier by the card I brought! lol. Just kidding. The card paled in comparison to the beautiful event, but it was a pretty darn cute card if I do say so myself. And even better, I made it in literally 30 seconds! Impressive huh? Well, don’t be TOO impressed. It literally took NO SKILL whatsoever…just a little bit ingenuity and thinking outside the “envelope.”

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was at the craft store looking for some glass paint for my DIY Vintage Mason Jars post. On my way to check out I happened to pass through the section of the store with all those super cute scrapbook doo-dads! I guess they would officially be called “stickers” but they’re way too elaborate to be called just that! Some of them are downright works of art which got me wondering what a NON-scrapbooker (like me) could with them!

That’s when I got my brilliant idea! I’m always buying wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, and birthday cards at $4 to $5 a pop, and they’re not even that cute! Not only does that add up, it gets downright wearisome. Why not use the adorable scrapbook “doo-dads” to create my OWN greeting cards in bulk!?

So that’s what I did. I bought a variety of sticker packs for each of the occasions I mentioned above and an package of blank cards and envelopes.

Then my daughter Britta and I spent no more than 15 minutes creating ALL of these cards and more! All you do is PEEL AND STICK!

The sticker packs are typically $3 to $4 but you can easily use one pack for two (sometimes three) cards! That’s a significant savings, but what I think I like even MORE is that I don’t have to run to the store every time I need a card!

Once I finished my stockpile of DIY greeting cards, I found this plastic bin perfect for storing them in.

As my husband Dave and I were running out the door to the reception on Friday all I had to do was grab one of my pre-made cards from my stash and add the gift card I’d purchased earlier in the week. Done!

I love how the cards turned out, I’m saving time and money, AND I get to play with all those fun scrapbook “doo-dads” without having to buy a scrapbook.

BTW….if this isn’t an original idea, don’t tell me, I’m feeling super ingenious right now! 😉

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