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Homekeeping · Crafts & DIY Projects · The Easy DIY Antidote To That Musty Closet Smell

The Easy DIY Antidote To That Musty Closet Smell

These DIY sachets take about 30 seconds to make, but they'll keep your clothes and linens fresh for weeks.

Since today’s post is all about sachets, I thought it might be helpful the start out by answering the obvious question—what exactly are they? I included a dictionary definition below, just in case anyone hasn’t brushed up on their 15th century terminology lately. 😉

sachet, noun
sa·chet | sa-ˈshā
: a small bag containing a perfumed powder or potpourri used to scent clothes and linens

“Sachet.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sachet. Accessed 1 Sep. 2021.

When fabric items sit untouched in a closet, dresser, or storage tote for a long time, they can take on a musty smell that may require several washes to get rid of entirely. But a few simple sachets can help you avoid this common problem from becoming a problem in the first place.

Just by storing a few scented sachets with your clothes, you can prevent that musty smell from clinging to your clothes while they’re stored away. But sachets aren’t much good to you if you don’t like how they smell or if the scent is too strong, which is why I recommend making your own.

The Benefits Of Making Your Own Sachets

Making your own sachets is a no-brainer, in my opinion. The most obvious benefit is that you have complete control over the finished product. You can infuse them with the scent of your choice, and you get to decide how strong or subtle the scent is.

And since you’ll be using essential oils to add fragrance to your sachets, you’ll also benefit from being able to avoid synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals. And they really couldn’t be any quicker, easier, or more affordable to make.

Follow the simple steps below to give it a try for yourself.

How To Make Essential Oil Sachets To Keep Clothes Fresh

You’ll need:


Grab 4 cotton balls and add 1-2 drops of the essential oil of your choice to each one. (I like to use lavender essential oil here, but you can use any essential oil or oil blend you like.)

Tuck the cotton balls into one of the favor bags and cinch it closed. Repeat the process to make as many sachets as you want or need.

How To Use Your Sachets

Store sachets wherever musty smells tend to develop to help keep clothing and other fabrics fresh. Store one in each dresser drawer, put a few in each closet, or even tuck one into the pocket of your winter coat to keep it smelling fresh while it’s in storage.

Not only will your sachets prevent your clothes from taking on that musty storage smell, but they’ll make your storage areas smell great too. And when the scent of your sachets starts to fade, just make up some fresh sachets and swap them out with the old ones.

Here are a few more places you could use them:

  • Stinky shoes
  • Vanity drawers
  • Around silk flowers
  • Under couch cushions
  • Under the driver’s seat in your car
  • Inside luggage while traveling
  • Anywhere you’d enjoy a fresh scent

Do you use sachets to keep your clothes and linens fresh?

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