· Homekeeping · Organization · 17 Mason Jar Ideas That Will Rescue Your Disorganized Kitchen
Homekeeping · Organization · 17 Mason Jar Ideas That Will Rescue Your Disorganized Kitchen

17 Mason Jar Ideas That Will Rescue Your Disorganized Kitchen

If your kitchen could use a little organizational help, look no further than your mason jar collection.

If your kitchen is feeling a little chaotic lately, it could be time to do some organizing. I’ve been doing my own kitchen organization projects over the past couple of weeks, and I’m always amazed at what a difference even the smallest effort can make. Today we’ll be talking about kitchen organization, but we’ll be focusing on one organizational tool specifically: mason jars. And yes, I’m officially counting mason jars as an organizing tool, and I bet you will be too once you’ve read this post!

Today I’m sharing 17 brilliant and simple ways you can use mason jars to help organize your kitchen. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to using mason jars around the kitchen! In this post you’ll see how to use them for your morning coffee, for storing spices, for cleaning and cooking, and much, much more! I’ll start by sharing some ideas that I’ve shared previously on OGT, and then I’ll share some bright ideas I found around the web. 🙂 So let’s get started!

17 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen With Mason Jars

1. Mason Jar Lid Labels

I like to store stuff from boxes in mason jars to eliminate packaging and make it look a little nicer. But sometimes it can be hard to tell what’s in the jar just by looking at it. An easy way to solve this issue is to use the box to make a quick label for the top of your jar!

Simply trace the shape of the canning ring onto the product name on the box. Then use a pair of scissors to cut out the box, set it on top of the jar lid, and use the canning ring to secure it in place. With the label clearly displayed on top of the jar, you’ll never have to wonder what’s stored in there!

You can do this with all of your coffee fixings (like creamer, sugar, cinnamon, etc.) and make a cute coffee station on your countertop.

2. Soap Dispenser

Mason jars make the cutest soap dispensers, in my opinion. 🙂 You can always buy a mason jar soap dispenser online, but you can also save a few bucks by making one right at home! Get the full instructions for making your own mason jar soap dispenser at the link below.

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3. Kitchen Wipes

A mason jar is the perfect place to store homemade kitchen cleaning wipes! The jar keeps the wipes nice and moist, but still looks cute enough to be kept right on your kitchen counter. Get the instructions for making homemade kitchen wipes below.

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4. Meat Marinades

You can make a marinade easily by shaking it up in a mason jar. After shaking, just put your meat in the jar for an easy, no-mess marinade experience! Get some of my favorite marinade recipes at the link below.

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5. Kitchen Tools

There are so many great mason jar accessories out there these days. Some of my very favorite ones are turn a mason jar into a handy kitchen tool! Check out the link below to see over a dozen brilliant mason jar accessories that won’t break the bank.

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6. Marvelous Meals

Mason jar meals are a hot topic online right now. (Don’t believe me? Just search “mason jar meals” on Pinterest and see how many results you get!) And it’s no wonder, because mason jar meals are typically quick and convenient! Get some great recipes and ideas at the link below.

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7. Cupcake Liners

A small mason jar is the perfect size to hold your cupcake liner collection. Not only does it look nice, but it helps you see all your options to make it easier to pick one. And it keeps the liners nice and dry!

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8. Fresh Food Storage

You can use mason jars to help keep your refrigerated food fresh. Check out the post at the link below to learn what you should store in mason jars and why it works.

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9. Dry Goods & Spices

I use mason jars to store my homemade spice mixes. They’re so much more flavorful compared to the store-bought versions, and they’re so simple to make! In fact, you can make 10 different homemade spice mixes in under one hour. Just click the link below for all the recipes, plus a very handy shopping list!

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10. Flower Vase

Is there anything with more rustic charm than a mason jar full of flowers? (Definitely not!) And you can make your mason jar vases even more charming by giving them a vintage look with some paint. Not only is it simple, but the results are simply gorgeous!

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11. Mason Jar Tumbler

from Pretty Providence

Turn a mason jar into a cute drinking tumbler! This etched glass masterpiece is sure to keep you plenty hydrated.

12. Utensil Caddy

from Crafts Unleashed

With just a few wide-mouth mason jars and a small planter box, you can make a custom utensil caddy! Your utensils will always be close at hand, and they’ll look great too.

13. Spice Organizer

from Live.Craft.Love

Got a lot of little mason jars just sitting around? Use them to store and organize your spices in a drawer! They also made a useful liner for the bottom of the drawer that shows where each jar is supposed to go.

14. Silverware Caddy

from Crafts Unleashed

Use mason jars to make a cute and useful utensil caddy for your outdoor barbecues. Not only is it convenient, but it makes it easier to carry utensils and other items outside when it’s time to eat.

15. Salt & Pepper Shakers

from Landeelu

Use a pair of mason jars to make a cute set of salt and pepper shakers! I love how these ones are painted and distressed to look vintage. It looks like they came straight from the shelves of a boutique shop!

16. Toothpick Dispenser

from Eclectic Recipes

Turn a small mason jar into a toothpick dispenser. Keep it at your dining table (or at least nearby) so you and your guests can access it when you need it.

17. Jar Chandelier

from Brandi Sawyer

If you’re feeling confident and ambitious, you can turn a few mason jars into a gorgeous custom light fixture! A chandelier like this could easily cost you hundreds of dollars, but making it yourself could be a more affordable option.

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