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This Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself This Time Of Year

Between parties and travel and end-of-year work, the last months of the year can be sheer chaos. Here's what I'm doing to help maintain my sanity this holiday season!

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

This time of year is always hectic for me and the rest of the OGT Team. There’s always so much to do in the weeks leading up to the holiday season, and that often makes it difficult to stay on top of things at home.

So this year, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to help keep my home and my sanity intact in the coming weeks! One thing that is already helping simplify my life in a major way is my meal subscription from Blue Apron.

But I’m far from the only one who could use a little help managing the hectic pace of life this time of year, right? So I wanted to share some of the things I love about Blue Apron with you today, so you can see exactly how it could help simplify your life too! 🙂

5 Reasons To Get A Meal Subscription When Life Is Hectic

1. You’ll Eat Better

While my diet has never been horrible, there’s certainly room for improvement! I’ve been trying to eat better, but planning and preparing healthy meals takes time that I sometimes can’t find!

Blue Apron makes it so much easier for me to incorporate healthier meals into my diet. I get their easy-to-follow recipes and pre-portioned ingredients shipped right to my door, which saves me so much time and effort.

But perhaps most importantly, Blue Apron meals are always flavorful and satisfying! It’s a health-conscious choice that doesn’t make me feel like I’m giving anything up.

2. Perfect For Empty Nesters

Even though I’m not technically an empty nester yet, my husband and I find ourselves on our own during dinnertime more and more frequently these days. And I’m learning firsthand that cooking for two can be harder than it seems!

Blue Apron meals are perfect for nights when it’s just the two of us. The serving sizes are perfect, and we aren’t left with a fridge full of leftovers afterward!

3. Dinner’s Ready In 30 Minutes Or Less

I enjoy cooking for the most part, but I rarely enjoy spending hours cooking one meal. But most Blue Apron meals take just a half an hour or less to prepare, and they don’t require any last minute trips to the grocery store!

Even when I’m getting hungry, it’s much easier for me to pass up the drive-thru knowing that I have everything I need to make a quick and delicious meal at home.

4. Order On Your Own Schedule

Normalcy and routine are hard to come by at our house. Every week is different, but the flexibility of Blue Apron makes it easy to fit their meals into our often hectic schedule.

With the Signature plan, I can choose to order either 2 or 3 recipes depending on how busy the week ahead will be. And if I won’t be home at all during the week, I can just skip that week’s delivery altogether!

The flexibility that Blue Apron offers makes my life just a little bit easier, and it’s something I truly value and appreciate!

5. No Contracts Or Commitments

While Blue Apron is a subscription service, there are no commitments involved. You can cancel and/or renew your subscription whenever you want!

With as unpredictable as my schedule can be this time of year, flexibility is crucial. Having a flexible subscription to Blue Apron is perfect, because it’s dependable when I need it and easy to cancel whenever I don’t!

Special Offer For OGT Readers!

Want to give Blue Apron meals a try for yourself? With the help of the generous folks at Blue Apron, I’ve arranged a special discount just for OGT readers!

The first 50 people to sign up for a meal subscription will get $60 off over their first 3 weeks of Blue Apron! Just click here to get started. Valid for first-time meal plan subscribers only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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