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Homekeeping · Crafts & DIY Projects · 6 (More) Hacks That Will Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

6 (More) Hacks That Will Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

Are things feeling stale around the house? These simple tips will make your home feel more inviting!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you might remember a post I wrote last summer with a list of simple hacks that can make your home feel more luxurious. Now that it’s a new year, I’m ready to share a new set of simple-but-luxurious home decor ideas with you!

One reason I wanted to make a “part two” to one I wrote last summer is because it was so well received! A reader who works as a professional stager for a major real estate company even said that her houses sell faster with the types of “feel good touches” I shared in that post.

So, I did some more research and found some great new tips to share that will freshen up your home and make it feel a little more glamorous. So if you want a little taste of luxury without spending a fortune, go ahead and give some of these simple hacks a try! 🙂

6 Little Touches That Will Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

1. Add Mirrors To Small Or Dark Rooms

Have you ever noticed how many mirrors there are around luxury hotels and high-end restaurants? There’s a reason for that, which is that strategically placed mirrors can help brighten up dark spaces.

Mirrors can even create the illusion that a space is bigger and airier than it actually is. To use these tricks in your own home, just hang a mirror across from a source of light, such as a lamp or window!

2. Decorate With Fresh Flowers

Flowers are an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of color and something from nature to your indoor space, both of which can make any environment feel more pleasant and inviting. You can even do it on the cheap by making your own arrangements with flowers from your garden or flowerbeds! Pop them into a nice vase to complete the effect.

3. Choose Fluffy White Bath Towels

In my opinion, few things in life feel as luxurious as an extra fluffy bath towel. Swap out your old, threadbare towels for a new set of plush white towels to instantly add a sense of comfort and luxury to your bathrooms. These towels have excellent reviews, and they come in white (which I prefer because I can bleach them as needed) as well as 17 other colors, if that’s more your thing!

4. Mix Up Your Lighting

If a particular room or space in your home is looking a little plain, consider mixing up the lighting. Having a variety of different light sources is an easy way to add depth to any space.

If you have just the one overhead light, bring in a lamp or two and a few candles to make the space feel more cozy. And you don’t have to spend a fortune either—I find great lamps and candles at places like Goodwill, Target, and TJMaxx all the time!

5. Decorate In Layers

Another simple way to make a space feel more luxurious is layer your decor. Layer a couple of nice rugs on a hard floor, stack books neatly on a bookshelf or coffee table, and throw pillows/blankets to beds, chairs, ad benches. All of these elements will combine to create decor that feels lived-in and inviting.

6. Declutter As Necessary

While layered decor and personal touches can make your space more inviting, going overboard into “cluttered” territory can have the opposite effect. Sometimes the difference between decor and clutter is just a matter of opinion, but if something about your space feels chaotic or busy, that’s a good sign to do a bit of decluttering.

Try paring down your decor and accessories to stuff that is either functionally necessary, or that contributes to the overall style and feel of the room. For help getting started, try this two-step decluttering method.

Do you have a favorite simple home decor tip?

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