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Bright Ideas · Cleaning · These 7 Tricks For Hard-To-Clean Places Will Make Your Life Easier

These 7 Tricks For Hard-To-Clean Places Will Make Your Life Easier

No matter how diligent we are about maintaining a clean home, we all have those spots that linger around the bottom of our cleaning to-do lists. But unfortunately, that dirt isn’t going anywhere unless you address it, and the longer you ignore it the worse it’s likely to get.

If you’ve been noticing dirt and grime in the cracks and crevices around your home, today’s blog post should prove very useful! Adding on to this list of 9 cleaning tips for hard-to-reach spaces, these 7 tricks will make tackling those problem areas a whole lot easier, so you can finally cross those spots off of your to-do list.

7 (More) Cleaning Tricks For Hard-To-Reach Spaces

1. Coffee Grinder

If you use your coffee grinder frequently to grind coffee beans or spices, it may be pretty grimy. Luckily, cleaning your grinder is as easy as grinding a handful of Rice Krispies for 30 seconds. (Seriously!) The rice cereal bits will loosen up any gunk and even help absorb odors, leaving it clean and ready for grinding.

2. The Inside Of Your Bag

If shaking your bag, backpack, or work bag while holding it upside down doesn’t take care of all the dirt, crumbs, and other bits, try using a lint roller along the bottom of the bag. The sticky paper will pick up dirt, fragments of gum wrappers, pet hair, and anything else hanging around down there.

3. Cracks And Crevices

For cracks that are too narrow even for a cleaning cloth (such as the crack between your stovetop and kitchen counter or the tracks of windows, wrap a disinfecting wipe around a butter knife and use it carefully to wipe out those narrow areas.

4. Underneath Appliances

Lying on the ground to get underneath your fridge, washing machine, or dryer is already not very fun, and most of the time you can only reach half the dirt and dust anyway. Instead, invest in a long, flat duster to clean up all of the dust under your appliances with ease.

5. Cabinet Corners

The elusive and dusty rear corners of your cabinets are easy to clean out using my favorite simple DIY vacuum attachment. Once you’ve made one, you can reuse it again and again for other hard-to-reach places, too.

6. Garbage Disposal

It’s definitely not a good idea to attempt to clean your garbage disposal out by reaching in there yourself. Instead, keep your sink smelling fresh with these vinegar-lemon cubes that clean and sanitize your garbage disposal while also helping to keep the blades sharp.

7. Containers With Narrow Openings

No bottle brush to scrub out your narrow jars, vases, or bottles? No problem! Just pour a splash of vinegar into the jar, vase, or bottle and add a handful of coarse salt. Then place your hand over the opening and shake your way to a sparkling clean container! (Learn more about this method that bartenders swear by here.)

Which areas of your home give you the most trouble when you’re cleaning?

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