· Bright Ideas · 11 Photos You Can Take That Will Make Your Life Easier
Bright Ideas · 11 Photos You Can Take That Will Make Your Life Easier

11 Photos You Can Take That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are plenty of sentimental reasons to use your phone's camera, but there are some genius-level practical reasons too! Check out 11 of them here.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about practical ways to use your phone’s camera. I had scoured the internet for hours while researching and writing that post, and ended up with 50 ideas in what I assumed was a pretty exhaustive list!

But boy, was I wrong about that! In the following weeks and months, you guys packed the comments section of that post with brilliant and creative ideas of your own. And that is where the idea for today’s post was born!

Today I’ll be sharing a brand new list of practical uses for your phone’s camera, made up of some of my favorite comments from the original post! Each tip is accompanied by the name of the OGT reader who shared it, so I hope you’ll join me in thanking all 11 of them for sharing their clever ideas with us! 🙂

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11 More Brilliant Ways To Use Your Smartphone Camera

1. Remember What You Packed

Before you start packing for your next trip, lay out everything you’re going to pack and snap a picture of it. In the event that your suitcase gets lost in transit, you can use the photo as a record of what you lost when you fill out an insurance claim.

Tip submitted by Sunny

2. Inventory Your Craft Supplies

Snap a photo of your entire collection of craft or hobby supplies. Then when you’re out shopping for new supplies, you can simply pull up the photo to verify if you do or don’t already have something at home!

Tip submitted by Sandra

3. Remember Where You Parked

Big, multi-level parking garages can make impossible to remember where you parked! So before you leave your car, snap a picture of its location and any locational signs, numbers, or letters that can help you find your way back.

It only takes a couple of extra seconds to do, and it will save you a ton of time when it’s time to find your car!

Tip submitted by Carol

4. Keep Track Of Medical Information

Every hospital, doctor’s office, and clinic is different, and it’s hard to anticipate what kind of information they may ask you for during your visit. Be prepared for any questions by making a list of medications you take, dosage information, doctors you’ve seen, and their contact information.

Then just snap a picture of the list so that it’s always handy on your phone!

Tip submitted by Sandra

5. Get Your Security Deposit Back

Renters know how frustrating it can be to try and get your security deposit back after you move out. But you can use your smartphone camera to make it much easier!

Take photos of the condition of a place before you move in, and take photos of it again when you move out. Those photos may come in handy in case of any disagreements about damage to the property.

Tip submitted by Mogie

6. Scope Out High Shelves

Can’t reach a high shelf and don’t have anyone around to ask for help? Just grab your smartphone! Hold the phone above your head and take a photo or video of the shelf.

That way, at least you can tell if the thing you’re looking for is on the shelf before you start reaching for it! 🙂

Tip submitted by Slim Tim

7. Avoid A Claim Check Catastrophe

Those little slips of paper they give you at coat checks, luggage storage, and valet parking are notoriously easy to lose! As soon as you get a claim check slip, snap a quick photo of it.

In the event that your claim check goes missing, you can at least show that photo to someone to prove you had it.

Tip submitted by Robyn

8. Make Repairs Quick & Easy

Keep your phone nearby whenever you’re making minor repairs around the house. If you need to take something apart, snap a photo of it first to use as a reference when it’s time to put it back together!

Tip submitted by Beth

9. Keep Track Of Your Garden

Use your smartphone camera to keep a visual progress log for your garden! Just snap a photo of your garden about once a week throughout the gardening season.

When you’re ready to start planning next year’s garden, you can use your progress photos to make important decisions. The photos will show if you should plant something earlier, start something later, or move a certain plant into a different area!

Tip submitted by Michele

10. Make Your Own Tutorial Videos

Having someone show you how to do something is a great way to learn a new skill, especially if you’re a visual learner like I am! But unless you have perfect recall, it can be hard to remember every detail of their demonstration.

Next time someone shows you how to do something, like how to relight the pilot light or how to use a certain feature on your TV, record a video of it! Then you’ll be able to watch it again whenever you need it!

Tip submitted by Candy

11. Quicker Quilting

You can use your smartphone’s camera to take the guesswork out of arranging your quilt pieces! Before you start sewing, lay out your pieces in whatever order you like best.

Then just snap a picture of the pieces, and use it as a reference as you start sewing. You’ll know for certain which piece comes next, rather than having to guess!

Tip submitted by Peggy

What’s the most useful way that you use your smartphone camera?

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