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This Is What Solved My Mosquito Problems In My Backyard

I love spending late summer evenings in my backyard, but unfortunately, so do mosquitoes! Today I'm sharing the details about the one product I bought that solved my mosquito problem!

From early spring to late in the fall, I spend as much time as I possibly can in our backyard. Whether I’m working on my laptop or listening to an audiobook, my time in the backyard is always time well spent. 🙂

But spending time outdoors in the fall has its drawbacks, especially during the evening hours. Because unfortunately, I’m not the only one out there enjoying the cool evening air!

The mosquitoes seem to enjoy spending time in my backyard as much as I do. And since mosquitoes live all across the globe (except in Iceland and French Polynesia, apparently), I thought I might share a bit about how I’ve been keeping mosquitoes at bay in the hopes that someone else may find it useful!

My Anti-Mosquito Solution: Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Patio Torches

After scrolling through pages and pages of anti-mosquito products on Amazon, I decided to try out the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Patio Torch. They had a lot of positive customer reviews, and I liked the way they looked too!

I’ve seen a huge improvement in the amount of mosquito activity since I put these torches up! I still end up with the occasional bite, but it happens so much less frequently than it did before. (I’m usually something of a mosquito magnet!)

4 Things I Love About These Mosquito Torches

1. They Don’t Smell

Many torches and mosquito repellents put off a distinct smell or produce a lot of smoke. But these unique mosquito torches don’t do either! There’s no smell, no smoke, and no open flame to worry about.

2. They Add Ambiance

These torches contain flickering LED lights that operate independently of the mosquito repellent and fuel source. The flickering lights add a lovely ambiance to our backyard hangouts!

You can use one or both of this torch’s features at any time. You can activate the mosquito repellent without turning on the LEDs, or enjoy the soft flickering light without turning on the fuel source that activates the repellent. The choice is yours!

3. They Cover A Large Area

According to the product description, each torch boasts an impressive 15-foot radius of mosquito protection. I used four of these torches to surround our fire pit with an extended “force field” against mosquitos!

4. They’re Safe & Effective

Thermacell torches have been recognized by the EPA as a safe and effective no-spray method for repelling mosquitoes, including mosquitoes that are known to carry the Zika and West Nile viruses.

And on top of that, Thermacell offers a Satisfaction Guarantee for their torches. It’s always nice to know that a company stands behind their products, especially when it’s your skin that’s on the line! 🙂

A Few Final Thoughts On Mosquito Torches

All in all, I’m very glad I decided give these mosquito torches a try. Even though I still end up with the occasional mosquito bite, I honestly doubt that any form of mosquito repellent is 100% perfect!

So if you’re looking for a solution to keep pesky mosquitoes out of your outdoor space, consider giving these torches a try for yourself! (And if you still get the occasional bite like I do, check out these easy ways to stop the itch!)

How do you protect yourself from mosquitos?

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