· Beauty · This Brand Makes The Most Comfortable Bras Ever
Beauty · This Brand Makes The Most Comfortable Bras Ever

This Brand Makes The Most Comfortable Bras Ever

When I asked my readers which brand makes the most comfortable bras, almost everyone agreed on this one!

A few months ago I was shopping around for a pair of comfortable walking shoes. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I decided to get some feedback from my followers on my Facebook page! The response was amazing, and I got so many good shoe recommendations that I decided to write a whole blog post about them! (If you missed that post, you can check it out at the link below.)

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The Best Brand For Comfortable Bras

So when I recently decided to shop around for a better and more comfortable bra, I knew exactly what I had to do! 🙂 I took to Facebook yet again to ask my followers what brands have the most comfortable bras, but it went a little differently this time. Instead of getting responses that recommended many different brands (which is exactly what happened when I had asked about comfortable shoes), I received dozens of responses from people who were all recommending the same brand: Wacoal. Just take a look at some of the responses I received:

  • “Wacoal is amazing. I went for my first professional fitting as an adult at Nordstrom and was lucky enough to get the Wacoal representative to help me. I am very large and full and this brand is amazing.” – Christi
  • “Love how many are saying Wacoal! I was fitted at Dillard’s, and I have really loved them for about 5 years now!! They hold up well too.” – Lee Ann
  • “No bra beats Wacoal, especially if you are busty.” – Amy
  • “Wacoal strapless bras are amazing.” – Tracy
  • “Wacoal. Hands down.” – Erin

Who could possibly ignore such an overwhelmingly positive response? 🙂 I bought a minimizer bra from Wacoal the very same day, and it’s been my favorite bra ever since. It’s seriously SO comfortable, and I never think bras are comfortable! No matter what you’re looking for, Wacoal will likely have a bra that will fit your needs exactly. Some of the many styles they offer include full-figure, minimizer, push-up, nursing, sport, strapless, t-shirt, wire-free, and more!

Finding The Right Fit

But unfortunately, choosing a bra style is only half the battle. The other (and tricker) step is to figure out what size of bra you need. I highly recommend getting fitted by a professional! Most department stores and lingerie stores will have someone who can measure you and give you your correct bra size, and these fittings are typically free. And even if you’ve been fitted for a bra in the past, there are several reasons why it might be a good idea to go get fitted again:

  • You’ve recently lost or gained weight.
  • You’re going through menopause.
  • You’re pregnant or recently had a baby.
  • It’s been a few years since your last fitting.

But if you’d rather measure yourself at home, you can do that too! All you need is a measuring tape and a few minutes of time. Get full details and video instructions on how to take proper measurements at Wacoal’s Bra Fit Calculator.

Have you tried Wacoal bras? What did you think? Do you agree or disagree that Wacoal makes the most comfortable bras ever? I’d love to hear your opinion! Leave a comment below and we can keep the bra conversation going. 🙂

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