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My Best Cleaning & Organizing Tips For Every Room In The House

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you already know that we’ve posted a LOT of cleaning tips over the years! If you can clean it, chances are we’ve covered it in a blog post. 😉

The search function on my site (which you can find by the menu bar near the top of my site) is great for locating a cleaning tip when you need it, but what if you’re looking for tips on cleaning and organizing several different things?

Since many of us try to do extensive cleaning this time of year…I thought I’d put together an ordered list of all of my best cleaning and organizing tips and tricks for every room of the house! Just click on the links!

Bookmark this blog post, and you can refer back to it each time you’re ready to tackle another room this spring!

Living Room

Get some great tips for organizing your family/living room area.

Learn how to make a great DIY cleaner for your wood floors. For carpeted floors, clean and freshen your carpet with just a few simple ingredients. If you need to tackle stains, learn how to remove general carpet stains, pet stains, greasy stains, and even candle wax.

Learn how easy it is to clean a microfiber couch.

Walls & Baseboards
Learn how magic erasers work, and why you should use them on your walls and baseboards.


Get tips on creating an organized kitchen, and step-by-step instructions for cleaning your kitchen. Learn how to make my kitchen miracle cleaner (one of my very favorite cleaners,) and a citrus degreaser for greasy messes and residue.

Make your own grease-cutting floor cleaner that’s perfect for grimy kitchen floors. If you have laminate floors, learn how to get rid of ground-in dirt.

Eliminate that dirty build-up on your cabinet doors with my 2-ingredient kitchen cabinet “gunk remover”.

If you have granite countertops, learn how to make a homemade granite cleaning solution. For those with laminate countertops, learn how to remove scratches and scuffs from your counters.

Oven, Range, & Vent Hood
For overall degreasing of this greasy and oily area of your kitchen, learn how to fight oil with oil. Clean the burner pans and coils on your electric oven, and clean the greasy filter in your vent hood. Finally, try this easy, scrub-free method for cleaning the inside of your oven.

Perform an easy, but essential, bit of refrigerator maintenance by cleaning out the coils underneath your fridge. Clean and deodorize your fridge with a natural cleaning solution, and organize the contents of your fridge.

Clean the inside and outside of your microwave using one easy technique.

Sink & Garbage Disposal
Give your sink some sparkle by cleaning it with a homemade antibacterial scrub cleanser, and freshen up your garbage disposal with lemon and vinegar ice cubes.

Ensure your dishes are getting as clean as possible by cleaning the inside of your dishwasher.

Kitchen Tools
Many kitchen tools tend to accumulate grease and grime over time, but with a little elbow grease, you can easily clean up your plastic cutting board, butcher block, slow cooker, cast-iron skillet, and cookie sheets.


Learn how to clean your bathroom like a pro, and general tips for organizing your bathroom. Make your own disinfecting bathroom wipes to use on nearly all your bathroom surfaces.

Bathtub & Shower
Eliminate soap scum and mildew with my “soap scum buster”, and take care of any hard water deposits without any scrubbing.

Clean your toilet bowls with simple ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Sink & Vanity
Clean and shine your mirrors, and control the chaos that lives under your bathroom sink.

Here’s the best way to clean your grout.

Exhaust Fan
Keep your bathroom fan running right (or improve its function if it isn’t) by giving it a good cleaning. It’s easier than you think!

Bathroom Items
The tools we use for hair and makeup take a beating due to frequent use, but have no fear. It’s easy to clean up your flat iron and your makeup brushes.


Get tips on organizing the bedrooms in your house.

Bed & Bedding
Reduce dust, dander, and mites (ew!) by using this method to clean and freshen your mattress. Wash and whiten your yellowing pillows, and restore your white sheets to their bright white state with my miracle laundry whitening solution. If can’t or don’t want to use bleach, we’ve got you covered with a natural alternative to bleach!

Check out my budget closet makeover for some great tips for organizing your closets.

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