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Bright Ideas · Green Living · This Is The Best $30 I’ve Spent In A Long Time

This Is The Best $30 I’ve Spent In A Long Time

Trust me, it was $30 well spent to get these, especially when they have made grocery shopping so much easier (and more enjoyable!)

Up until quite recently, I was one of those people who could never manage to remember their reusable shopping bags. I tried everything! I hung them from a hook next to our garage door, I kept them in the back of my car, but none of my efforts made remembering them any easier. But now that I think back on it, I think it was more about the bags themselves than it was about the location I stored them in.

Because I recently bought a set of reusable shopping bags on Amazon, and it has made all the difference in the world! These bags are superior to my other reusable shopping bags in every way. I really enjoy using these bags, which makes it easy to remember them when I’m heading out for a grocery shopping trip! (I also have a storage tip that helps too—see “How I Store My Shopping Bags” below for more on that.)

So today I thought I’d tell you all about my new reusable shopping bags. Because every once in a while, you buy something so good that you just can’t keep it to yourself! 😉

5 Things I Love About My Reusable Shopping Bags

1. They’re Big

Each of these bags measures 13” x 10” x 11”, so you can carry a LOT in them! I mostly use them to carry my groceries, but you could use one as a beach bag, a picnic basket, to haul sports equipment, or whatever else you might need a big bag for!

2. They’re Collapsible

Possibly my favorite feature of these bags is that they fold down flat. When they’re collapsed, they take up hardly any space in the trunk of my car! Plus, there are a few handy pieces of velcro that keep the bags collapsed.

3. They’re Strong

Arguably, the most important feature of any shopping bag is how strong it is. And let me tell you, these babies are strong. Each one can support up to 50 pounds worth of stuff!

And it’s not just the bottom of the bags that hold up. The sides are nice and sturdy, which means it’s almost impossible for them to tip over or slide around in the back of your car when you’re on your way home from the store.

4. You Get Three Of Them

While one bag would certainly be enough for a quick jaunt to the store, it’s probably not big enough for your largest shopping trips. But the good news is that these bags come in a pack of three! That’s three big, collapsible, strong shopping bags. I’ve never needed more than these three bags, even when my shopping cart is completely full!

5. There’s An Optional Trunk Organizer

If you want, Urban House also sells a trunk organizer that accommodates two of these shopping bags. This organizer would be perfect for keeping stuff from sliding or rolling around in your trunk. It also enables you to put your two shopping bags of groceries into it, then carry the whole organizer inside at once! (Your dream of bringing all the groceries inside in one trip can now become a reality!)

How I Store My Shopping Bags

I’ve never been great at remembering to take reusable shopping bags with me to the grocery store. So I decided that with these ones, the best solution would be to simply store them in my car! That way, I never forget them and they are always there, at the ready.

Instead of just throwing them in my trunk, I decided to store them on these nifty hooks that attach to the headrest in your car. You can position them to the side if you want them out of the way, or position them over the front or back of the seat as needed.

I keep them pointed towards the back of my car, so I can hang the collapsed bags from the back of my passenger-side seat. And ever since I started keeping my shopping bags on these helpful hooks, I haven’t forgotten them once! 🙂

What could you use a big bag like these ones for?

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