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Homekeeping · Cleaning · Giving Dingy Silverware A Whole New Shine!

Giving Dingy Silverware A Whole New Shine!

Friday night I had my entire extended family over for our Annual Prime Rib Dinner & Christmas Party. There were roughly 30 adults and about a dozen kidlets in attendance. On the menu was my Foolproof Prime Rib and a whole host of other yummy dishes! (See this post for the entire menu.)

One small dilemma I had while planning this dinner party was what to EAT IT WITH…as in, knives and forks. I don’t own enough actual silverware for that many people…but I was having such a hard time with the thought of serving prime rib and having everyone use PLASTIC cutlery. The answer came when I was at Walmart last week and found these knives and forks (not shown) sold in bundles of 4 for just 94 cents! They weren’t the FINEST eating utensils ever…but they were a far sight better than plastic!

When I got them home and took the plastic wrapper off each set I was somewhat dismayed by their condition. There was paper and glue stuck to many of them from the wrapping that I couldn’t get off, even after soaking overnight. They also had mystery dark spots all over them.

Keeping in mind I only paid 23.5 cents for each utensil…I didn’t feel too bad about having to give them a little extra love and attention. Besides, I had JUST the thing to bring them up to snuff! My Miracle Kitchen/Bathroom/Everything Cleaner! I originally posted about this concoction way back in August of 2011 and have done a few updates since…but not for a very long time. So I’m excited to revisit this miracle combination with all of you who have joined me here since then.

What is this MIRACLE you ask? It is quite simply…baking soda and hydrogen peroxide made into a paste.

This is how I make it:

I don’t store this mixture…I simply mix it up as needed. I start with a small bowl, add as much baking soda as I think I’ll need for the job, and then slowing pour in the hydrogen peroxide until I have made a thick paste. If you happen to get a little over zealous with the hydrogen peroxide and it becomes runny….simply add more baking soda. It’s downright simple.

This how I use it:

Then I take a glob (yes, that’s the technical term for it) of the mixture and rub it on the offending stain/mess. If you have sensitive skin I would suggest wearing gloves but I don’t. I find rubbing with my fingers the most effective at getting the gunk off whatever I’m working on, but you could certainly use a sponge or something similar too.

This what the utensils looked like BEFORE the Miracle Cleaner treatment:

And this is AFTER the Miracle Cleaner treatment:

Thanks to the MC, I was able to proudly provide my dinner guests with shiny discount cutlery that cut through my Foolproof Prime Rib like butter!  😉

While I was too busy playing hostess to take any pictures…here are some pictures my niece Ashley took of photo props fun after dinner!  🙂

(download for photo props found on Pinterest)

Have you tried the Miracle Cleaner?

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