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Bright Ideas · “Newtons Law” Of Snacking!

“Newtons Law” Of Snacking!

It seems a little silly that I am writing a post about “Fig Newtons” today, especially when I just posted about My Mom’s Amazing Sour Cream Cookies yesterday. But when I was given the opportunity to try and review some of Newtons new products, I just couldn’t help myself! I have been a fan of “Fig Newtons” ever since I married the hubster many moons ago!

Growing up we never had “sugar cereal” in our house, let alone pre-packaged cookies, but when I got married and found out the hubster’s favorite store-bought cookies were Fig Newtons…I became a fan too. 🙂

But the “Fig Newtons” of 25 years ago have come a long way! They, of course, still have the “Original Fig” that started it all…..

…..and now they also have SO many more delicious options! My FAVORITE are Triple Berry Grab and Go Newtons…but the Baked Apple and Cinnamon Newtons are a VERY close second.

Despite being delicious I personally am a fan because they are a snacker’s dream! I’ve shared before that I would rather snack my way through a day than have 3 big meals. That’s just the way my body feels the best.

Of course when I say “snacks” I’m not referring to “junk food”…I really try to make them healthy snacks and so Newtons fit right in with my eating style. Especially when you factor in my crazy, busy schedule!

I find it rather ironic that now that I “work from home” full-time on this blog, I’m hardly ever AT home! 🙂 I feel like I’m always either driving in my car or out of town at a conference, and as you know, neither of those are very conducive to eating healthy!

That’s why I have some sort of healthy snack in my purse at all times! I actually get panicky when I realize I DON’T have anything! Whether it’s roasted almonds, my “highly addicting granola“, or a package of Newtons, it’s a very comforting feeling to know I’m covered in the snack department.

When this box of Newtons arrived with a couple of their new products, the Cherry Vanilla Fruit Thins, the Baked Apple & Cinnamon Newtons, and the Triple Berry Newtons, first I ATE some, and then I quickly squirreled some away in my purse for future enjoyment. 🙂

The Triple Berry Newtons were delicious but familiar since they are basically just a larger version of a traditional fig newton. Their size makes them perfect for snack time. The Cherry Vanilla Fruit Thins were completely new to me and to be honest I didn’t think I would like them because I’m such a fan of the original soft, chewy Newtons. But I was actually quite surprised at how much I enjoyed nibbling on these. They had the exact same taste/flavor of the soft cookies, but the crunch of a shortbread cookie, which I’m also quite fond of! If you like your cookies with a light crunch…you will love these.

If you’re a “snacker” like me, I highly recommend trying some of Newtons new products, or rediscovering some of the old favorites!

Want to know something kind of funny? When I started writing this post I was driving (well, the hubster was driving) to Green River, Wyoming to visit my sister, snacking on a Grab & Go bar. I just looked at the clock and it is 1:47 am (almost 12 hours later) and I am just finishing up this post…and guess what? Yep, I am snacking on another Newton. I know I shouldn’t even be eating this late/early…but at least they only have 140 calories per serving. I told you I was a snacker! 🙂

Be sure to visit NewtonsCookies.com for a chance to win one of three Grand Prize weekend getaways as well as many other great weekly prizes! Weekly prizes include gifts cards for athletic gear to help you look great when you are working out or Harry & David baskets to share with guests at your next party.

You’ll also want t check out the Newtons brand page on BlogHer.com to read other bloggers’ posts!

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