· Homekeeping · Organization · 5 Easy Ways To Organize The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink
Homekeeping · Organization · 5 Easy Ways To Organize The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

5 Easy Ways To Organize The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

It's time to control the chaos going on under your sink!

When you walk into our studio space through the side door, the first thing you see is the kitchen on your left. If you look to the right, you’ll see small room that we use primarily for storage. Because that storage room is conveniently located right across from the kitchen, we had been storing most of our cleaning supplies in the storage room rather than in the kitchen itself.

That meant that the space under the kitchen sink was going largely unused. It wasn’t really an issue until recently, because over the past year the storage room has been filling up with appliances, tools, blog projects, etc. So we decided it was high time to move our kitchen cleaning supplies to the space under the sink where they rightly belonged!

But as we started moving items into the space under the sink, it occurred to us that we needed to think about some storage solutions to keep it from becoming a mess. So today I’ll be sharing the steps a few of the tips we used to organize our under-the-sink storage space, in hopes that some of you might find them useful as well!

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Tension Rod

We put up an inexpensive tension rod near the top of the cupboard to hang our sprays, cleaners, and scrub brushes. Getting spray bottles up off the bottom of the cupboard freed up a lot of space for other items! If you have larger/heavier spray bottles to hang, you may need to invest a few more dollars to get a sturdier tension rod.

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Plastic Bins

The most important thing about under-the-sink storage is ensuring that things are waterproof. Not that you should be expecting a leak, but things happen and it’s much easier to keep things clean if they can’t get soggy or waterlogged.

We originally had a wicker basket under the sink to hold sponges and other items, but it got pretty gross over time due to not being waterproof! So we swapped the wicker out for a couple of plastic bins with lids, and I like them SO much better. They’re easy to wipe clean, and I love the reusable colored labels on them!

Waterproof Mat

Because the area under your sink is subject to spills, splashes, and other wet messes, you can make things much easier on yourself by putting down an easy-to-clean mat or liner. We found this one online, and it was very easy to install.

It was slightly larger than the area under our sink, so our Production Manager Brittany just used a pair of scissors to cut it down to size. This particular mat isn’t an adhesive liner, but you could certainly find an adhesive one if you were worried about it moving around on you. We liked that it was so easy to put in, and if it gets dirty, we can just wipe it down!


One easy way to maximize your storage space in any cupboard-type space in your home is to utilize cabinet shelves! This one tall enough to store a few scrub brushes and mop refills underneath. The top of the shelf gets lots of air flow, so it’s great for drying out your dish rags and cleaning gloves.

Over-The-Door Organizers

A couple of over-the-door organizers made up the final piece(s) to our under-the-sink organization puzzle. The first one is perfect for storing long, narrow boxes, like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, and parchment paper. Storing them in this organizer freed up quite a bit of valuable drawer space for us!

The other organizer we “installed” has an arm for holding a roll of paper towels, and a small shelf that makes a perfect drying rack for your kitchen sponges. (If you’re curious about the hanging equipment for this organizer, I think we misplaced it accidentally. Either way, we didn’t fret about it – we just hung it from a couple of Command hooks instead!)

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Here’s a before-and-after image of our organization efforts. I feel so much more organized after making these small additions to the space under our sink! I know right were everything is, and I don’t have to reach around a a bunch of stuff to get what I’m looking for. If the area under your sink could use some TLC, I hope these tips will help you too!

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