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Homekeeping · Organization · 11 Stick-On Products That Make Organizing Your Home Insanely Easy

11 Stick-On Products That Make Organizing Your Home Insanely Easy

You won't need a single screw to install these brilliant products!

Even though spring cleaning is traditionally the time to focus on organization, I usually do a few organizing projects in the fall. I don’t know if it’s because I want to get the house looking nice for the holidays, or if I just want to get rid of clutter that’s accumulated over the summer, but the urge to organize is real! Since I’ve got organization on the brain, I thought I’d share some brilliant and affordable products that I’ve had my eye on recently. And all of these products have one thing in common—they’re all Command stick-on items.

I should also mention that this post is not sponsored (although it may contain affiliate links.) I don’t know anyone at 3M or Command Brand, I just really like them! (I even wrote a whole post about Command hooks specifically, which you can check out at the link below.) In my opinion, a good organization product should be affordable, versatile, and easy to install, and the Command products featured in today’s post meet all of those requirements! This is a collection of items that is sure to help you reach your organizational goals. 🙂

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11 Useful Stick-On Organizing Products

1. Mini Shelf

I think this is brilliant! At 4″ wide and 3.5″ deep, these little shelves are extremely versatile! This would make a great place to display a small framed photo, a favorite collectible, or any small decor item. You could also use it as a place to store easily misplaced items, like your wallet or sunglasses. Find it on Amazon here.

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2. Broom and Mop Holder

Brooms and mops taking up precious floor space in my closets is one of my pet peeves! These broom holders are great to hang up in the garage or laundry room and reclaim that floor! You could also use them to store and organize sports equipment like bats, sticks, and more. The simple act of getting things up off the floor can really maximize your storage space! Find it on Amazon here.

3. Cord Bundler

I love these cord bundlers so much I wrote a whole post about them! Check out the link below to get all the details on these nifty little gadgets, and how they’ll help you tackle all the unruly cords and cables around your house! Find it on Amazon here.

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4. Spring Clips

How cute are these little clips? You could easily hang them up on a wall to create a rotating gallery wall! You could feature the kids’ artwork, or quotes and images to help keep you inspired. They are practical and decorative at the same time. Win. Win.   Find it on Amazon here.

5. Spray Bottle Hanger

The Command people really had their thinking caps on when they thought of this! This has to be my favorite of Command’s newest offerings—a special hanger for spray bottles! As you probably know, I have posted DOZENS of homemade cleaning solutions here on my blog over the years, so I have a lot of different spray bottles under my sinks around the house. These spray bottle hangers are definitely going to help store my collection in a more functional way! Find it on Amazon here.

6. Key Rail

Not only do I really need this, I just love the look of this key rail! You would never be able to guess that this is a stick-on product unless someone told you. Hang one right next to the front door to help everyone keep track of their car and house keys. Find it on Amazon here.

7. Hand Towel Bar

No place for hand towels in your bathroom? You can install this stick-on hand towel bar in seconds! Many years ago my husband and I got into a huge fight over me wanting him to put up a towel bar in our bathroom, and him procrastinating doing it. I could have really used this! 🙂 Find it on Amazon here.

8. Cord Clips

Have you ever unplugged your phone or computer, only for your charging cable to slide out of sight? It happens to me almost every day! These handy cord clips will keep the cord from sliding off of tables, nightstands, and other surfaces, so you can easily grab it the next time you need to plug something in. GENIUS!  Find it on Amazon here.

9. Phone Charging Caddy

If you tend to always charge your phone at the same outlet, why not give it a place to rest? This phone caddy will keep your phone up off the floor or table to help save on space. You’ll also be able to see any incoming calls or texts better if your phone is stored upright! I can also see using it simply to help me read my favorite recipes as I’m cooking! Another brilliant idea!  Find it on Amazon here.

10. Picture Frame Hanging Strips

My daughter Britta has lived in a handful of different apartments in the last several years, and she swears by Command’s hanging strips for frames. She loves to hang lots of framed photos, posters, and prints and she doesn’t have to worry about dealing with damage or holes later on. Even for us homeowners, it’s an idea that makes sense! Save the Walls!  Find it on Amazon here.

11. Towel Hook

If you have several people using the same bathroom, you’re going to need somewhere to hang those extra towels. Or if it’s just you, your robe needs a place to call its’ own! This simple double hook is perfect for that! Plus it’s designed for use in bathrooms, so you don’t need to worry about the humidity affecting the adhesive. Smart. Find it on Amazon here.

Which organizing wonder do you like best?

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