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Homekeeping · Cleaning · 7 Of The Best Pet Hair Hacks, Just In Time For Spring Shedding

7 Of The Best Pet Hair Hacks, Just In Time For Spring Shedding

Is your home slowly disappearing under an avalanche of dog or cat hair? These 7 brilliant pet hair hacks are sure to help!

If it seems like pet hair is everywhere you turn lately, it may not be your imagination! Both dogs and cats can go through a period of heavy shedding in the spring, due to warmer temperatures signaling that it’s time to lose their warm winter coat.

And since we’re all spending more time at home these days, the evidence of spring shedding is impossible to ignore! But the good news is that in today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing some brilliant pet hair hacks that will help you clean up all that hair as quickly and easily as possible.

But before we get to those, I want to share a few tips about prevention. Mom always said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to pet hair! These simple tips will help you minimize shedding and prevent a full-on pet hair invasion!

2 Simple Tips For Minimizing Pet Shedding

Tip #1 – Check Your Pet’s Food

If your pet seems to shed heavily outside of the usual spring and fall shedding periods, your pet’s food may be to blame. Dogs and cats who eat high-quality food that is rich in vitamins and minerals shed less than pets who don’t.

For the best advice on what foods and/or supplements to feed your pet, consult your veterinarian.

Tip #2 – Brush Your Pet Regularly

In addition to feeding them a healthy diet, you should also be brushing your pet regularly (at least once a week) with a deshedding brush. Regular brushing helps remove loose hair, promotes healthy circulation, and is good for their skin and coat!

When brushing your pet, use a good deshedding brush that can reach your pet’s undercoat. Many pet owners swear by Furminator brand deshedding brushes, but they can be a bit pricey (around $30 for most brushes.) DakPets makes a very similar deshedding brush for half the price, and has rave reviews on Amazon!

So now that we’ve covered the two important pieces of the prevention puzzle, let’s talk pet hair solutions! Here are 7 clever pet hair hacks you can use around the house.

7 Brilliant Pet Hair Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

1. Duct Tape

To clean up a lot of pet hair spread over a large area, all you need is some duct tape and a paint roller! Wrap a long piece of duct tape around the roller so that the sticky side faces out.

Your extra sticky DIY lint roller will pick up much more of your pet’s hair than the average lint roller! Get more details here.

2. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets make a surprisingly effective tool for picking up pet hair on solid surfaces. Use a dryer sheet to pick up pet hair from baseboards and furniture.

For pet hair on hard floors, attach a dryer sheet to a Swiffer sweeper and you’ll have it cleaned up in no time!

3. Dryer

Have clothes, blankets, or pillows that are covered in pet hair? Toss them in your dryer for 5-10 minutes! The spinning action and airflow in your dryer will remove the majority of the hair and collect it in the lint trap.

To remove the remaining hair, use a lint roller or wash the item in your washing machine.

4. Squeegee

If you have a squeegee at home for cleaning shower doors or windows, you can also use it to clean up pet hair! A squeegee works great for removing pet hair from both carpet and upholstery.

5. Rubber Glove

Pull on one of your rubber gloves for cleaning, then swipe your hand over hair-covered surfaces to collect the hair. You can make a rubber glove even more effective against pet hair by adding lines and dots of hot glue to the palm of the glove.

6. Pumice Stone

Certain surfaces are particularly tricky to remove pet hair from, including car upholstery. In these cases, a pumice stone may be your best bet! Rub the pumice stone lightly over the area to remove those stubborn hairs.

7. Reusable Lint Roller

With two dogs in the house, we desperately needed to step up our pet hair removal game! After reading many positive reviews, my son Kell bought a ChomChom Roller on Amazon that ended up working like a charm!

It’s sort of like a hybrid between a lint roller and a lint brush, and it’s very easy to use. My favorite thing about it is that it doesn’t produce any waste—just empty the hair out of the receptacle and it’s ready to use again!

Do you have any go-to pet hair hacks?

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