· Holidays · Easter · Practical Easter “Basket” Ideas
Holidays · Easter · Practical Easter “Basket” Ideas

Practical Easter “Basket” Ideas

I love Easter! I love Easter egg hunts, Easter bunnies (real, stuffed, chocolate, etc) and Easter baskets! What I DON’T love is storing Easter baskets from year-to-year. It never fails that when Easter rolls around I either can’t remember where I put last year’s baskets, or they’ve simply been lost or destroyed. I also, quite frankly, get tired of using the same old baskets over and over.

So this year I decided to try something new. Everyone in my family is getting a practical Easter “basket” that isn’t actually a BASKET at all. Instead, it’s something they can use over and over…all year long!

The options for practical “baskets” I found at World Market were essentially endless. I found great containers in the kitchen, bed & bath, storage, and Easter decor sections of the store.

Then instead of lining the “baskets” with Easter grass (which I’ve never been fond of because it ends up all over the house!) I decided to take advantage of the vast array of darling dish towels that World Market carries.

And just that easy you have a practical “basket” that you can actually use instead of having to store until next year!

Of course the options for FILLING your “baskets” are practically endless.

You could choose a theme basket like this one for the “kitchen lover” in your life. I actually put this one together for myself (and the “girls”) because now that our OGT Studio kitchen is finally done…we need to stock it with tools. World Market has some of the most brilliant and beautiful kitchen tools and gadgets I’ve found! I literally could browse for hours!

Of course there are also plenty of traditional Easter goodies to choose from.

If you’d rather not load the kiddies up with a bunch of sugar, you could easily put together a non-candy basket like this one with some of these super fun toys and gifts. I couldn’t get over the selection of fun, inexpensive, and educational items for the little ones!

But, if you’re like me, and Easter just wouldn’t be EASTER without the CANDY…there’s PLENTY of choices for that too!

This “basket” is chock full of traditional chocolate Easter bunnies, eggs, etc. I also threw in a little stuffed bunny because it was so soft and cute AND because one cannot live on chocolate alone. 😉

I also liked the idea of doing something a little LESS traditional in the candy department with this selection of retro treats!  Some of the candies I was able to find at World Market I hadn’t seen since I was a kid and I think they had every flavor of Pop Rocks ever made!! 🙂

I had a blast shopping for my Easter “baskets”! The result was a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds! And isn’t that was celebrating is all about?

Plus, I feel better about the fact that everyone getting a “basket” from me this year will be able to put it to good use after the Easter celebration is over!

Hoppy Easter!

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