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Bright Ideas · Protect Your Floors (and your sanity!) with Felt Pad Sliders!

Protect Your Floors (and your sanity!) with Felt Pad Sliders!

We’ve all seen these things before. They are predominantly promoted as a product to “protect your hardwood (or whatever) floors”! And since I really don’t CARE about my flooring (well, I DO, but it’s being replaced soon after many, many years of good service), I have never really been motivated to buy any. Until I bought my new kitchen stools that is.

I found these three awesome stools on clearance a few weeks ago (Regular price $200.00 each) for $69.00 each. I had already pitched our OLD stools a few weeks earlier because I was so disgusted with them, so this deal came along at just the right time!

The problem is….they are HEAVY! They are very nice and VERY well made. So sliding them in and out was a bit of a struggle. I love that they are so sturdy and anyone can sit on them and feel completely comfortable and supported, but pushing them and pulling them out for everyday use and then picking them up off the floor when it’s time to clean was a major effort!

So one day I was shopping with No. 2 son and he happened to see these felt pad slider things that you stick on the bottom of each leg and said we should try them. I thought, What the heck! I did the math wrong (shocking I know!) and only bought enough for TWO stools…but the difference was INCREDIBLE!

These very substantial high-backed stools are now a breeze to slide around! I immediately went back to the store and bought enough sliders to do the 3rd stool and ALL my kitchen chairs! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Why in the world did I not do this LOOOOOONG ago!!??

Sure, my “older than the hills” vinyl flooring is being “protected” now…but a million times better than that is the fact that moving chairs and stools around in my kitchen is now (almost) a pleasure! 🙂

Just thought I should share……..

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