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This One Simple Thing Makes Switching Purses Fast And Easy

This simple trick is a serious game-changer for anyone who owns more than one purse!

Normally I try to be pretty practical about spending money, but passing by the purse section at TJMaxx tests my resolve every time. There are always at least two or three purses that catch my eye, and the prices are pretty reasonable too (compared to, say, retail prices at department stores.) Sometimes I’m able to exercise self control and step away from the bags, but other times I am simply too weak! But I always make a point to use every bag I have so they’re not just collecting dust in my closet.

But there’s an issue with using a number of different purses—it takes time and effort to move all of your stuff from one bag to another! Especially if it’s been a while since you last cleaned out your purse, or if you tend to carry around a lot of stuff with you. But luckily, I have a brilliantly simple solution for the purse-switching problem that has made the process SO much simpler. And that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing with you today!

The absolute quickest way to move all your stuff over to another purse is by using a purse organizer. (Or any kind of organizer/caddy, really. My first “purse organizer” that I bought was actually a craft caddy that I found for $10 at Michael’s!) There is no shortage of purse organizers online, available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and materials.

How To Choose The Perfect Purse Organizer

Here are a few things you should consider when selecting an organizer for your purse:

1. Size

The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the dimensions of your purses. If you’re looking for a purse organizer that will fit in all of your bags, you’ll need one that’s small enough to fit in your smallest bag. I found this small leopard print organizer on Amazon. If you have very small purses and very large purses, it might make more sense to get a couple of organizers in different sizes so you don’t have to carry a tiny organizer in a huge tote bag.

2. Design

Purse organizers come in a lot of different designs. Some have tons of pockets, while others are less compartmentalized. When choosing an organizer, it helps to take stock of all of the stuff you usually carry around in your purse (minus the junk that’s floating around in there).

Then as you’re browsing through purse organizers, try to imagine putting all that stuff into each organizer’s pockets or compartments. This should help you narrow down which organizers might work and which ones won’t.

3. Material

Another feature you may want to consider when choosing a purse organizer is what material it’s made of. Many organizers (like this large pink one) are made of a thick felt blend, which can be nice if you want a sturdy organizer that will add structure to your bag. On the other hand, organizers made with synthetic materials have the advantage of being easier to clean.

Once you’ve found the perfect organizer, all you have to do is pack it full of your Purse Essentials! Then when you’re ready to switch to another handbag, you’ll be able to pull the organizer out, drop it in a different bag, and be ready to go in about 5 seconds. And not only that, but everything will stay tidy and easy to find, no matter what kind of purse you’re carrying!

Other Helpful Organizers For Purses

Depending on the current state of your purse, it might be better to start by consolidating some of your stuff before putting it all into a purse organizer. Here are a few other types of organizers you might find helpful:

Pill Organizer – I used to carry around a handful of different pill bottles (ibuprofen, medications, vitamins, etc.) that took up a ton of space in my bag. I finally wised up and found this pill organizer online, and I can’t believe I ever lived without it! It has six compartments to keep pills organized, plus it has a locking airtight lid to keep air, dirt, and water out. Even buying just this one little organizer made my purse feel SO much tidier!

Electronics Organizer – My daughter Britta carries this small zippered pouch for electronics in her bag, which she uses to store her portable battery, phone charging cord, headphones, and other electronic accessories. A small pouch like this will eliminate that mess of tangled cords and headphones that lives in the bottom of your purse!

Makeup Organizer – This small zippered makeup pouch is perfectly sized to hold everything you need for those little touchups throughout the day. The main compartment has room for compacts and mini bottles, and a smaller separate compartment has slots for makeup brushes or tubes of mascara and lip gloss. Very handy!

Lipstick Case – And if all you really carry around for makeup touchups is a tube of lipstick, I personally use and love this little case with a built-in mirror! It makes re-applying on-the-go a snap! 🙂

Well there you have it! I hope these tips have shown you how quick and easy it can be to move your stuff between purses, and how you can keep other purse items organized too! What are YOUR purse essentials?

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