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9 Things You Need To Replace In Your Bathroom

Nothing gold can stay, and nothing you keep in your bathroom will last forever! Find out what you should replace in your bathroom and how often you should do it here.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home! It’s where we answer nature’s call, wash ourselves clean, get ready for the day, and even prepare for sleep.

Because it’s such an important space, we all regularly dedicate our time and effort to keeping the sinks, showers, and toilets in our bathrooms clean. However, cleaning the fixtures isn’t the only factor involved in making sure our bathrooms are sanitary and serving our needs they way they should!

I would argue that it’s equally important to make sure that the stuff in your bathroom is clean and in good working order. Since we could all probably use a little reminder, today I’ll be sharing how often you should replace 9 common items in your bathroom!

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9 Things In Your Bathroom You Should Replace Regularly

1. Loofahs

If you use a loofah or washcloth to clean your skin in the shower, make sure to rinse it well after each use. You can also help extend the lifespan of loofahs and washcloths by soaking them in white vinegar every other week.

When To Replace: Replace loofahs and washcloths every two months or so, or whenever you notice a buildup of product residue or a smell.

2. Cosmetics & Skincare Products

Cosmetics and skincare products don’t last indefinitely! Take an inventory of these products every couple of months to make sure none of them are past their expiration date.

When To Replace: Replace after the expiration date on the package (especially if the product is in a tub or pot and not a pump bottle.)

3. Toothbrushes

Toothbrush bristles wear down over time, and frayed and worn bristles can’t clean your teeth properly! That’s why it’s so important to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly.

When To Replace: Replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every 3 months or so, and after you’ve been sick.

4. Bath Mats

Since they spend most of their time on your bathroom floor, it’s important to wash your bath mats regularly. But some bath mats have backing layers that don’t do well in the wash, which can make things difficult.

If you’re shopping for a new bath mat, look for one that is lightweight and machine washable. The easier to wash and dry it is, the better!

When To Replace: Replace your bath mat when it is visibly damaged, or if it isn’t as absorbent as it used to be.

5. Bath Towels

With proper care, bath towels can last for years before they need to be replaced. If you find your towels have developed a musty smell or aren’t as absorbent as they used to be, try this method to fix them.

When To Replace: Replace bath towels when they are are frayed, have holes, or are otherwise physically damaged.

6. Hairbrushes

Like bath towels, a good hairbrush can last also last for years with proper care! The most important thing with hairbrushes is to keep them clean, which you can learn all about in this post.

When To Replace: Replace your hairbrush when the bristles are damaged or the bed starts cracking.

7. Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush is a crucial part of keeping your toilet clean and sanitary. Make sure to keep it clean by soaking it in hot water with a couple of capfuls of bleach about every other week.

When To Replace: Replace your toilet brush if the bristles are damaged, or if someone in the house has had a stomach flu.

8. Disposable Razors

If should come as no surprise that disposable razors aren’t meant to last forever. The blades dull after each use, and continuing to use dull blades can lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and other unfortunate side effects.

To ensure you get the most from each razor or razor cartridge, allow the razor to dry out completely between each use.

When To Replace: Replace disposable razors or disposable cartridges every 5-7 shaves to prevent irritation.

9. Makeup Brushes & Applicators

The rate for replacing makeup brushes, sponges, and other applicators depends on both the quality of the item and how often you clean it. Quality brushes can last for a year or more if they are washed regularly!

When To Replace: Replace lower quality makeup brushes and less durable applicators like beauty sponges every 3-4 months.

Do you have a system you use to remind yourself when it’s time to replace something?

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