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Crafts & DIY Projects · How To Repurpose Old Containers With String

How To Repurpose Old Containers With String

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you probably already know how passionate I am about minimizing waste. One of my favorite ways to cut down on the amount of waste we produce is to find practical ways to reuse things. I’ve featured a lot of these kinds of projects over the years here on the blog, demonstrating how you can revamp and reuse everything from filing cabinets to glass jars to disposables. Today’s post is a little different, however, because it’s less about what you can reuse and more about how you can revitalize them!

I was inspired by a project I saw on Anderson and Grant, where they shared an old pot that they had revamped into a stylish storage container, simply by removing the handles and wrapping it up in rope. The result was an “industrial chic” piece of decor that was both beautiful and practical! I loved the look of their finished product, and wanted to try my hand at making a similar piece. I quickly discovered just how easy it is to do, and it hardly took me any time at all.

You’ll need:

  • A container of your choice
  • Rope, twine, or string
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue

Start by cutting the end of your rope at an angle. Glue this end of the rope alongside the top of your chosen container.

Wrap the rope or twine around the container towards the bottom, adding a dot or line of glue at regular intervals to keep everything in place.

When you get near the bottom of your container, set it on a flat surface and try wrapping the rope around it again once or twice, to determine where the rope should stop to keep it from making the container wobbly or tilted. Cut the rope at an angle again, and secure the end to the container with more hot glue.

Handles are optional, but I really like how they look! Simply cut two pieces of rope about 6 inches long, and glue them to your sides of your container so they form a loop. (The tutorial from Anderson and Grant has a great tip for giving the handles a finished look – just wrap the two ends of each handle with a bit of jute twine before you glue them on.)

You can dress up just about anything with rope or twine! We dressed up a metal bowl, a couple of vases, a pencil cup, and even a bread pan. You can use these containers for just about anything, but if you need some inspiration, here’s a few ideas we came up with…

  • A fruit bowl
  • A flower pot
  • A toilet paper holder

  • An organizer for your washi tape collection (I’m not the only one, right?!)
  • A pencil cup
  • A flower vase

And if you really like the look, why not make a few different containers into a matching set? You can make your own custom bathroom set, with a makeup brush cup, a toothbrush cup, a soap dispenser, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless!

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