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Surprise! My Best Holiday Hack Ever Is Here

I've been SO excited to share this with you, so I'll give you a hint: "It's beginning to *smell* a lot like Christmas..."

Of all our five senses, they say that scent is the one that is tied most strongly to our memory, and it’s not hard to believe based on my own experience! I can recall at least a handful of instances in my life where I’ve caught of whiff of some smell that instantly transported me to another time or place.

But the ties that exist between certain smells and our memories can be surprisingly useful as well. We can use those ties to influence our own emotions, which many of us already do instinctively when we find comfort in a piece of clothing that smells like someone we love.

And since the holiday season is arguably the most nostalgic time of the year, it’s really no surprise that we instinctively want to fill our homes with scents that remind us of holidays past. From stocking up on scented candles to simmering holiday-scented potpourri on the stove, we just can’t get enough of those nostalgic holiday scents!

I love holiday scents as much as the next person, but due to my notoriously sensitive skin and my husband’s asthma, I try to avoid synthetic fragrances wherever I can. But this year, I won’t have to rely on artificial scents to make my home smell like the holidays—and neither will you! 🙂

Introducing The Limited Edition Scents Of The Season Kit

I am extremely excited to introduce all of you to the brand new Scents of the Season Kit, a limited edition collection of three holiday-themed essential oil blends! I’ve been hard at work ensuring that these new blends not only meet the highest standards of quality and purity, but that they capture all of the magic of the holidays in the form of comforting, cozy, and all-natural scents.

The three new blends included in the Scents of the Season Kit are called Winter Spice, Peppermint Stick, and Freshly Cut. I thought I’d start by giving you a quick overview of each, and then I’ll share some easy ways you can put these blends to good use throughout the holiday season!

Winter Spice

There are several types of smells that people associate with the holiday season, like citrus fruits, warm baking spices, and fresh evergreen trees. But with so many pleasant scents to choose from, how do you choose just one?

With Winter Spice, you don’t have to choose, because you get the scents of citrus, spices, and evergreens in one convenient blend. Simply put, Winter Spice just smells like Christmas!

Peppermint Stick

Of all three blends in the Scents of the Season Kit, Peppermint Stick is the by far the hardest to describe. While it does feature the minty freshness of real peppermint, it doesn’t smell sugary sweet. The warm and earthy notes from eucalyptus and balsam of Peru oils pair beautifully with the peppermint, and the resulting blend delivers big on holiday cheer!

Freshly Cut

If you’re the type of person who’s willing to go well out of your way in order to buy a real Christmas tree for that “real tree” smell, you’re going to love Freshly Cut! Featuring authentic pine, fir, and spruce oils, this blend captures the invigorating freshness of evergreens without shedding a single needle on your carpet. 😉

5 Ways To Use The Scents Of The Season Kit

1. In Your Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils is by far the most effective way to spread the scent around your home. All of these blends smell amazing in a diffuser, so just add a few drops to yours and let your home fill up with the scents of the holidays!

Beyond simply smelling nice, these blends also feature oils that can help clean the air in your home. This makes them a great alternative to traditional air fresheners, which usually contain synthetic fragrances that can irritate sensitive noses and lungs.

I also highly recommend using these blends in your car diffuser. Fill your car with the smells of the holidays to boost your Christmas spirit while you’re out running errands and doing your Christmas shopping (preferably while jamming to your favorite Christmas album!) 😉

2. On Pinecones

Instead of buying scented pinecones to scatter around your house this year, why not make your own? You can usually find decorative pinecones at craft stores and even big box stores this time of year, and customizing them is as easy as adding a few drops of your favorite Scents of the Season blend to each!

Your essential oil-infused pinecones will look great in a nice dish or bowl on your coffee table, and, of course, they’ll smell great too!

3. In DIY Christmas Gifts

I’m a big supporter of handmade Christmas gifts, both because they’re generally less expensive and because it’s a thoughtful way to show the people in your life how much you care! And there are so many great DIY gifts that you can make using essential oils, so infusing your gifts with Winter Spice, Peppermint Stick, or Freshly Cut is a no-brainer!

Here are just a few gift-worthy DIYs you could make for your friends and family using your Scents of the Season blends! Click the links for more details and instructions:

4. While You Vacuum

Another easy way to fill your home with the festive holiday aromas of these essential oil blends is while vacuuming your carpets! This little trick takes virtually a few seconds of extra effort, and makes it so that you can clean your carpets and leave behind the scent of your choice at the exact same time.

How does it work? All you have to do is add a couple of drops each of your oil blend of choice to a few cotton balls, then place the cotton balls inside your vacuum’s dust collection cup. As air flows through your vacuum, it will disperse the scent of whichever oil you used throughout your home (and of course, your carpets will be cleaner to boot!)

5. In Your Christmas Tree

While I do appreciate the charm and aroma of real Christmas trees, the convenience of having a pre-lit faux tree I can quickly put up each year makes it a more practical choice for me. But now that I have a bottle of the Freshly Cut blend, I can enjoy both the convenience of my faux tree and the fresh scent of real evergreens!

And to do that, I’ve gone ahead and made a couple of simple “diffuser ornaments” using some air dry clay I picked up at Walmart. It couldn’t be easier to do—you just roll the clay out until it’s fairly thin, cut out your desired shape with a cookie cutter or craft knife, then use a straw to punch out a hole to hang it from. (Feel free to use a skewer to draw some decorative details on it too!)

Once the clay has fully dried, just thread a piece of twine or ribbon through the hole and your diffuser ornament will be ready to go! Add several drops of Freshly Cut (or any of the holiday blends) to the ornament, then hang it from your tree. When the scent starts to fade, you can easily refresh it by adding a few more drops of oil.

(And if the diffuser ornament project isn’t for you, you can achieve a similar effect by adding Freshly Cut to a simple sachet and hiding amongst the branches of your tree!)

The Best Way To Make Your Home Smell Like The Holidays!

I’m genuinely looking forward to putting the blends from the Scents of the Season Kit to good use over next several weeks, and I hope you are too! Keep in mind that this is a limited edition kit, so once it sells out, it won’t be available again until the holidays come back around next year!

Whether you want to use it around your own house, or you’re looking for gifts for friends or family, it’s virtually guaranteed to provide a good dose of holiday cheer (which I’m sure all of us could use, this year especially!) Check out the limited edition Scents of the Season Kit here.

What sort of scents do you enjoy during the holidays?

For A Limited Time Only!

The limited edition Scents of the Season Kit is only available while supplies last. And once it melts away, it won’t be back again until next year!

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