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Recipes · Chicken Stir-Fry For When You Need Dinner On The Table Right Now

Chicken Stir-Fry For When You Need Dinner On The Table Right Now

Every once in a while, I have one of those days where time gets away from me, and suddenly it’s dinnertime. Generally, this means my kids are hovering in or around the kitchen, whining/asking about what’s for dinner, and I’m already frazzled enough as it is! In order to placate my hungry boys and save my own sanity, I often just end up ordering pizza. (On a related note, did you know that Domino’s offers a gluten-free pizza crust? My son LOVES it. But back to business!)

Of course we would all love to have dinner ideas at our finger tips that are simple, take 5 minutes to make, and are healthier than a frozen meal or takeout. It sounds like a tall order, but I found a recipe recently for Chicken Stir-fry that really does satisfy all of those requirements! We tried whipping it up the other day, and we were all VERY pleasantly surprised at the results! It was quick, simple, and delicious. I’ll definitely be keeping this recipe in my back pocket for my next dinnertime emergency!

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5-Minute Chicken Stir-Fry

Be careful not to blink, or you might miss these instructions! 😉

Add a tablespoon of oil to a saute pan over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, add the contents of the bag of coleslaw mix to the pan, and saute for about 3 minutes.

Then add your desired amount of shredded chicken to the pan. You can make and shred some chicken breasts for this, or use a rotisserie chicken. There are no rules here! (CLICK HERE for the world’s easiest way to shred chicken!)

Cook the slaw veggies and the chicken together until the chicken is heated through.

Pour 1/3 cup of stir-fry sauce into the pan, and toss to ensure everything is evenly coated.

Serve warm, and enjoy!

Now obviously this recipe is pared down to the absolute basics, but there are plenty of ways to can dress it up a bit if you’d like. You can serve this mixture over rice or stir-fry noodles to stretch it for more people, or to make it more filling.

You could also throw some fresh veggies into the pan for a couple of minutes before adding the slaw mix, like peas, mushrooms, onions, etc. The only limit is your imagination! 🙂

What is your go-to, super-quick, dinner recipe?

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