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Homekeeping · These 9 Simple Decorating Tips Will Make A Big Difference

These 9 Simple Decorating Tips Will Make A Big Difference

These tips make it quick, easy, and affordable to give your home a whole new look.

Sprucing up your home doesn’t always have to revolve around a big renovation project (or even a minor renovation, for that matter). Even small changes to your decor can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of any area of your home.

To show you what I mean, today I’ll be sharing some simple decorating ideas that can have a surprisingly big visual impact. Use these easy and inexpensive tricks to give your surroundings a fresh look without breaking the bank.

9 Simple Decorating Ideas That Make A Big Impact

1. Add Or Swap Throw Pillows

Pillows are an easy, inexpensive way to change the entire look of any larger piece of furniture you don’t necessarily love but can’t afford to replace. You’d be surprised at how different your sofa, loveseat, or recliner can look just by swapping out your current throw pillows for new ones. (If the pillow inserts are in good shape, you can just swap the covers for new ones!)

If a stretch of wall has had the same larger piece of art for a while, you can really shake up the look of the entire area by replacing it with a “gallery wall.” You can get creative by mixing and matching different sizes and styles of frames, or choose identical frames to give your gallery a more sophisticated look.

3. Refresh Your Bathroom

Freshen up the look and feel of your bathroom with a few inexpensive changes, like putting in a new shower curtain, adding some nice candles or a small bouquet of flowers, and clearing the counter of clutter.

4. Use Wallpaper Creatively

Make a big visual impact by applying wallpaper to the back wall of a cabinet, bookshelf, or medicine cabinet. If you use removable wallpaper, you can switch up the look as often as you want. And while you’re putting the wallpaper in, take the opportunity to adjust the shelves and rearrange the items on them too.

5. Hang A Big Mirror

Hanging a mirror in any space can instantly make it feel larger and more open. Mirrors have a similar effect to windows by bringing additional light into a room. Look for interesting mirrors at thrift and secondhand stores—you can always paint the frame if it isn’t your favorite color or finish.

6. Add A Backsplash To Your Kitchen

If you’ve always wanted a beautiful tile backsplash in your kitchen, you can add one to your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a major tile installation project by using peel-and-stick tile. There are so many attractive designs to choose from, and once you’ve picked it out, you can “install” it in your kitchen in a single afternoon.

7. Spruce Up Your Entryway

Consider sprucing up your entryway by bringing in a small dresser, table, or bench to create a focal point. You can add a rug for texture and floor protection, some decor items for personality, and a mirror for style and function.

8. Raise Your Curtains

Hang curtains near the ceiling rather than at the top of the window. Raising your curtains above the window (and extending them to the sides of the window) creates an illusion of added height, which makes it an easy way to make a small or low-ceilinged room look bigger.

9. Rearrange The Room

You’ll be surprised at the inspiration that will come your way when you move everything out of a room and approach it as a blank slate. And the best thing about rearranging a room as opposed to redecorating? It won’t cost you a cent!

Do you have a favorite simple decorating tip?

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