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Simple DIY Sweater Refashion

A few months ago I was traipsing across the WWW, as I am wont to do, and came across a website called Refashionista. I was so inspired by her posts about taking something homely-looking (or in some cases, downright hideous!) and “refashioning” it into something fabulous! Before I knew it, I had been clicking on her website for probably close to an hour…or more!

Ever since that experience, whenever I go to the thrift store, I am always seeing things I want to “refashion”…but never have had the guts to attempt, until now!

While this is a very, very SIMPLE “refashion” project…I figure it’s a good place to start. “Learn to walk before you can run” and all that! I think the Refashionista would agree! 🙂

I found these two black sweaters during a recent thrift store visit. The one on the right was TOO SMALL, the one on the left FIT JUST RIGHT, but lacked the “pizazz” of the first one. For some reason I just really liked that little bit of “bling” on the pockets of the TOO SMALL sweater. Since both sweaters were very inexpensive, I decided to get them both and sacrifice the TOO SMALL one for the sake of the one that FIT JUST RIGHT.

After a few snips with the scissors, I had two sequined pockets from the TOO SMALL sweater ready to attach to the one that FIT JUST RIGHT.

To attach them all I did was dig out some Heat ‘n Bond Iron-On Adhesive that I had in my craft closet from another project, and cut two pieces that were ever-so-slightly smaller than the pockets themselves.

I then ironed them on using the LOW HEAT and NO STEAM settings.

After peeling away the backing to reveal the adhesive, I placed a towel over the top of the sequins and proceeded to iron/fuse the pockets to the sweater that FIT JUST RIGHT. (If you are assuming that the pockets aren’t actually “functioning” pockets…you would be correct.)

That’s all there was to it….and now I have the best of both worlds…a sweater that FITS JUST RIGHT with a little added sparkle to make it SHINE. 🙂

Have you attempted to “refashion” anything before?

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