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Spice Cabinet Makeover

I guess this isn’t EXCLUSIVELY a “spice cabinet”…but it IS where I keep all my spices…so we’re going to go with that.  This was one of those jobs that wasn’t really that HARD….but yet I kept putting it off and putting it off. I’m not sure why.  Why do I ever put stuff like this off?  Cuz I CAN!? lol.

I actually think my procrastination had more to do with not having a whole lot of good ideas for how to DO the makeover….more than a lack of motivation. I was VERY motivated! Every time I tried to put something away or get something out, there was inevitably something tumbling out onto the counter or floor (often onto my bare foot!) ugh. I was pretty fed up with the whole thing.

Several weeks ago I bought a couple of these bi-level spice organizer racks. I figured they were a start. But I knew I was going to need something more than that.  Then about a week ago I came across the tension rod idea and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get on it.

Here are the “before” & “after” pictures.  For some reason the “before” picture doesn’t quite do it justice. Trust me…in person it looked worse.   🙂

But if you look close….you’ll see what an unorganized situation I had on my hands.  Tall stuff in front….little stuff in back…never being able to find ONE thing without having to move TEN things!  I had duplicates of stuff….and expired stuff.  Too much STUFF.

First thing I did (the first thing I always do when tackling something like this) was take EVERYTHING out and spray it down with my trusty 1/2 ammonia, 1/2 water solution. I was actually quite surprised at how DIRTY this cupboard WAS!  It hadn’t really occurred to me that a “spice cupboard” would need CLEANING in addition to ORGANIZING. But mine did.  Every single surface needed wiping down.

After that it was simply a matter of deciding what to throw out and then what to put where.

The main features of my “spice cabinet makeover” included:

  • small spices jars and cans found a new perch on the tension rod.

  • bi-level organizer shelves improve visibility of medium to larger spice jars and containers.

  • moving the top shelf up and the bottom shelf down making more room for taller items on the center shelf.

  • creating a “baking zone” on one end (I had no idea I had so many SPRINKLES!!), and a “grilling, seasoning, etc. zone” on the other.

Nothing earth-shattering here…just using a few “common sense” ideas that made a big impact on my humble spice cabinet.

Only drawback?  Now I don’t want to USE anything in it…so it STAYS this way! 🙂

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