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Bright Ideas · Homekeeping · Cleaning · Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet (Printable)

Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet (Printable)

Did you know that cleaning your house is good for you health? Me either! As a matter of fact, there are times that I’m pretty sure cleaning my house is BAD for my health. Like the times when I am so frustrated by the lack of effort being put forth by other people in the house that I my blood pressure starts to boil….yeah…that can’t be good for my health. 🙂

But if you go about it with the right state of mind and a couple of easy techniques, house cleaning can actually be stress-reducing!

One technique is to use cleaning time as meditation time. For example, when I’m doing laundry. It doesn’t take a lot of concentration to fold and hang clothing, so it’s the perfect time to just let my mind go wherever it wants to go. I actually get some of my best ideas folding laundry. 🙂

If you don’t like to work in quiet, another option is to turn on some music and get moving. Music helps to take your mind off the task at hand and may even make you work faster.

Another stress-reducing technique is to “move your body”, i.e. running the stairs rather than walking. Quick movement releases natural mood-elevating endorphins into your bloodstream, making house-cleaning a lot more enjoyable. 🙂

Best of all, the end product of all this cleaning is a clutter-free, clean home, which in and of itself, relieves stress.

Since SPRING CLEANING seems to be on everyone’s mind lately…I thought I would share this House Cleaning Calendar I spotted at Reader’s Digest the other day. I’m personally not a big believer in SPRING CLEANING…..I mean why tackle everything during one season? Why not spread it evenly throughout the year? So I liked the no-nonsense approach of this list. I hope you will too.


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