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Bright Ideas · Saving Money · 7 Things You’ll Want To Stock Up On In May

7 Things You’ll Want To Stock Up On In May

What to Buy in May

Now that May is here, it’s time for another list of things great deals and sales going on this month! 🙂 And trust me, there will be plenty of great opportunities to stock up on items you need at great low prices during the next four weeks. With that knowledge in hand and the beginning of summer on our horizons, there’s plenty to celebrate this May Day!

In the next few weeks, there are all sorts of sales-worthy holidays like Memorial Day and even National Pet Week! The impending shift from spring to summer is also sure to yield great sales and deals. So without further ado, here are 7 things you may want to stock up on this month! 🙂

7 Things To Stock Up On In May

What to Buy in May

1. Allergy Medicine

Spring has sprung, and so have seasonal allergies! Manufacturer’s know this, which is why they are sure to be offering coupons, discounts, and deals aplenty on allergy medicines this month! Keep an eye out for manufacturer coupons that you can stack with store coupons, so you can stock up on allergy meds at an unbeatable price.

What to Buy in May

2. Paper Products

May is typically the first month that people start hosting outdoor gatherings, including Memorial Day parties, graduation events, and more. That means paper products like paper plates and napkins are sure to be on sale this month! Check your local grocery stores for sales and coupon offers.

What to Buy in May

3. Sunscreen

Summer is on its way, and May is a great time to stock up on sunscreen for all the upcoming fun in the sun! And be sure to check both the expiration date and consistency of your sunscreen from last year. If it’s expired or has a weird smell or color, it’s definitely time to replace it.

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What to Buy in May

4. Cinco de Mayo Supplies

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, so check your local grocery stores for sales and deals on Mexican food and party supplies! Typically you can stock up on things like salsa, tortilla chips, tortillas, canned beans, and more at great low prices.

What to Buy in May

5. Memorial Day Supplies

Memorial Day is coming up on the 27th of this month! Keep your eyes peeled for stock-up-worthy prices on things like hot dogs, chips, condiments, barbecue supplies, and more.

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What to Buy in May

6. Salad & Dressing

I didn’t know this until writing this post, but apparently May is National Salad Month! And just in time too, seeing as how fresh salad greens are plentiful this time of year. Stock up on salad ingredients and dressings while the prices are low this month!

What to Buy in May

7. Pet Products

National Pet Week takes place this year from May 7th-13th. Many pet stores recognize National Pet Week by offering great deals on pet food and toys, so be sure to stock up on those things. And you should be able to find great deals on health screenings and grooming services too!

… And More!

Looking for more information about sales and deals during the month of May? Check out the blog post at the link below!

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What will you be stocking up on this month?

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