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Beauty · Bright Ideas · Cut Yourself Shaving? This Is The Best Way To Stop The Bleeding

Cut Yourself Shaving? This Is The Best Way To Stop The Bleeding

Nicked yourself while shaving? This simple tip will help you stop the bleeding fast!

I’ve shared several of my favorite shaving-related hacks with you in the past, including everything from techniques for shaving your face to a pre-shave scrub for ultra-smooth legs. But personally, I think the shaving tip that I’ll be sharing with you today is perhaps the simplest and most useful tidbit of them all!

I came across this particular tip a few months ago while researching essential oils that were being considered as potential new additions to the Essentials by Jillee collection. One oil I was looking into at the time was geranium essential oil (now available in my online shop), which I already knew could be especially beneficial in skin-related applications.

But what I was surprised to learn was that because of its skin-friendly properties, geranium oil can quickly solve one of life’s little everyday problems: cutting yourself while shaving! In today’s post, we’ll explore how exactly geranium oil works to help stop minor bleeding, plus how you can use this information to your advantage at home!

How Can Geranium Oil Help Stop Bleeding?

A small amount of geranium oil onto a small cut can help stop the bleeding surprisingly quickly, or even seemingly instantly! Just a quick dab will help to stop bleeding in its tracks and get you on your way. But how does it work, exactly?

Geranium oil has two qualities that make it useful on minor wounds. The first is that it’s an astringent, which means it can cause blood vessels to contract. This slows the flow of blood in the area and helps to stop bleeding.

The second quality that makes geranium oil useful for stopping bleeding is that it appears to have a “hemostatic effect,” meaning that it can speed up the coagulation of blood. Coagulation involves blood cells called platelets working together with the proteins in blood plasma to form a protective clot at the site of bleeding.

Between geranium essential oil’s astringent and hemostatic properties, it is uniquely suited to helping slow blood flow and promote clotting, stopping bleeding in its tracks. And since minor bleeding is a common occurrence for those of us who shave regularly, you can see how it would be a useful remedy to have on hand!

How To Use Geranium Oil To Stop Bleeding From Shaving Cuts

The next time you accidentally nick yourself while shaving (or while gardening, cooking, or doing any of the other activities where minor injuries tend to occur), grab your bottle of geranium oil. Use clean hands or a cotton swab to dab a small amount of the oil to the wound, and voila!

As an added bonus, geranium oil also boasts antibacterial and antiseptic properties, both of which can be beneficial when it comes to healing. What more could you ask for from one little bottle of oil? 🙂

Other Uses For Geranium Oil

Believe it or not, the benefits of geranium oil don’t end there! Check out a whole list of uses for geranium oil here, including fighting dry and damaged aging hair, soothing anxious feelings, and more.

What’s your favorite way to use geranium oil?

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