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This Is The Most Useful Kitchen Storage Hack I’ve Tried In Ages

Pulling a small appliance out of my cluttered cupboards used to be a huge pain, but this brilliant hack made it SO much easier!

I think by now we have established that I’m an Instant Pot superfan. I could go on and on about why I love my Instant Pot, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll simply refer you to this post where I’ve already done so! 🙂

One of the most common concerns I hear from people who are considering buying an Instant Pot (or any other small appliance, for that matter) is, “But where will I store it?” We all have to deal with a fairly limited amount of storage space in our kitchens, and appliances can take up a lot of space in your cupboards or pantry.

But in today’s post, I have a game-changing hack to share with you that can simplify how you store your Instant Pot and other small appliances. I recently started using this storage hack in my own kitchen, and my only regret is that didn’t discover it sooner!

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Storage Hack: Store Small Appliances On Wheels

Many of us store our small appliances in a dark and cluttered kitchen cabinet. One of the many problems with this storage method is that you often have to pull out several appliances just to get to the one you need, and then put them all back as well. But you can save yourself a lot of effort (not to mention back pain!) by storing your small appliances on wheels!

For right around $20, you can purchase a 3-pack of rolling plant stands that will make it infinitely easier to access your small appliances, like your Instant Pot, air fryer, ice cream maker, electric juicer, slow cooker, and more!

Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to shuffle through your appliance stash, you can easily roll your desired appliance out of its storage location. Or, even better, you can use your foot to push, pull, or rearrange your wheeled appliances—no bending or crawling required!

Make Better Use Of Your Pantry

This ingenious storage hack not only makes cooking and food prep easier, but it also solves the problem of how best to utilize that awkward space at the bottom of your pantry. I try to avoid storing food there since it tends to gather dirt, dust bunnies, and pet hair, but it’s the perfect space to corral your appliances, especially since the casters on the plant stands keep them up off the floor.

You may also find that storing your small appliances on rolling plant stands makes you much more likely to use them. Since adopting this storage hack in my own kitchen, my collection of small appliances has definitely been getting more of a workout (meaning I’ve been getting a much-deserved break!) 🙂

There are so many different plant stands and caddies to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding ones that will work for your unique collection of appliances. For larger appliances (like an 8-quart Instant Pot, for example), look for flat plant stands like this without a raised rim or lip around the edge.

And for even more helpful storage and organization tips, check out my eBook Get It Together: 90+ Genius Organizing Tips For Every Room In The House. You can buy it in my shop, or download it free if you’re an OGT Plus member!

Do you have trouble storing or accessing your small kitchen appliances?

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