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Beauty · Hair & Makeup · 3 Simple Ways To Streamline Your Makeup Routine

3 Simple Ways To Streamline Your Makeup Routine

It's time to whip your makeup bag into shape.

If you’ve ever looked at your makeup bag or drawer and thought to yourself, “What a mess!”, just know that you’re not alone! Just the other day I was rifling around in my collection of makeup products and tools, and I realized that it’s pretty out of control.

I can’t find what I need, and I always seem to have a lot of things I don’t even use! I decided right then and there that it was high time I streamlined my beauty routine. And luckily for me, I knew just who to turn to for help!

I’ve been following my friend Cara’s blog Maskcara for years to benefit from her vast knowledge of all things makeup and beauty. But she recently launched a new line of products called Maskcara Beauty that I couldn’t wait to try, and to share with you!

Not only am I excited about the quality of the products, but I’m even more excited about how convenient everything is. I’ve been able to totally overhaul the makeup madness in my bathroom, and I wanted to share how you can do it, too!

Tip 1 – Utilize All-In-One Storage

Makeup palettes are great space savers in theory. But in practice, your eyeshadow palette and contouring palette and blush palette and concealer palette form an unwieldy stack that takes up more space than it saves!

One of my very favorite things that Maskcara Beauty offers is magnetized makeup palettes. Each shade of foundation, blush, and eyeshadow comes in an individual tin, so you can arrange them inside the magnetized palettes whichever way you like!

Maskcara Beauty offers different sized palettes so you can choose the best size for your needs.

The Mini Double Decker compact (my personal favorite) can hold 12 full-size tins or 24 eyeshadow tins, or a combination of both! You can fit your entire makeup routine into one handy compact to keep at home, and keep a mini compact in your bag (or car) for on-the-go touchups. Or if you like trying out new looks and need even more space, check out the full-size Double Decker compact. It can hold 18 full-size tins or 36 eyeshadow tins. Now that’s what I call streamlining!

Tip 2 – Save Space With Double-Duty Products

The easiest way to save space anywhere in your home is to eliminate single-use items. The same idea can work for your makeup, too! And Maskcara Beauty makes it easy.

First, there’s the makeup brushes. Every Maskcara Beauty brush is actually TWO brushes, because they’re all double-sided! One brush covers highlighting and contouring, another covers blush and bronzer application, and another is perfect for both blending and smudging eyeshadow. Brushes can take up a lot of space in your makeup bag, so these double-sided brushes are a great way to save on space!

And second, there’s the makeup itself. One of the makeup products they offer is simply called “Lip & Cheek,” because it doubles as a blush and a lip color. You can get Lip & Cheek in 7 different shades, and be well on your way to a more streamlined routine.

Tip 3 – Buy Only What You Need

I love a good eyeshadow palette as much as the next girl. But if I’m being honest with myself, I usually only use about 1/3 of the shades in the palette (if that!) It’s a waste of space and a waste of money.

What I really love about Maskcara Beauty products is that you can buy shades individually. That makes it possible for me to buy only what I need, and only when I need it. My stack of bulky palettes has dwindled down to one, and it only contains shades and products I use regularly. I can feel my sanity returning already! 🙂

Not only have I been impressed with the convenience of Maskcara Beauty products, I’ve also been appreciative of the value! The makeup itself is very high-quality, like something you could find at Sephora or other high-end beauty boutiques. And I’ve found that the prices are lower than comparable products for the quality you’re getting.

Streamline Your Makeup Routine

We had our friend Becki from Whippycake come to our studio recently, and she kindly agreed to help us with a Maskcara Beauty makeover!

My daughter Britta gamely agreed to be the “test subject” for the photos. She’s really low maintenance and hardly wears any makeup other than concealer. It certainly made for a great before-and-after…take a look at this fun time-lapse video! You’ll be amazed!

If your makeup routine could use some streamlining, or if you’re just looking for a quality makeup as a great price…give Maskcara Beauty a try!

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