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Bright Ideas · Advice · 10 Simple Summertime Traditions You Should Start (or Start Again)

10 Simple Summertime Traditions You Should Start (or Start Again)

With how busy our modern lives are, it’s easy to forget about traditions, or to find excuses to let them go. And while money, time, or other circumstances may prevent you from checking off every item on your “Perfect Summer Bucket List,” I believe it’s important to make annual summertime traditions a priority. Not only do they create priceless memories, they also provide a great opportunity for family bonding, which can serve as a great reminder of what’s REALLY important in life.

While the word “tradition” may bring to mind family vacations, road trips, outdoor adventures, and other significant summertime events, I think that smaller-scale traditions are just as important. Take advantage of the opportunities you have to create or continue those little traditions that bring you and your family together.

Here are some ideas of simple summertime traditions to get you started, and get you inspired! 🙂

10 Simple Summertime Traditions You Should Start (or Start Again)

1.  Spend time together out on the porch in the evenings. Have a nice chat, enjoy the warm evening air, and enjoy the view. I love our backyard, but I really wish I had a porch! 😉

2.  Set up a portable fire pit or a fire ring, if local fire ordinances allow, in your backyard. We spend many of our summer nights as a family sitting around our fire ring, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the flames. It’s definitely one of our favorite summer pastimes!

3.  Make a meal together! Choose a straight-forward, low-stress recipe that everyone can help prepare. You’ll enjoy a tasty meal, get excited about cooking, and maybe even learn a few new skills!

4.  Start a weekly board game night! My kids love Ticket to Ride. When they were younger we would play Apples to Apples for HOURS!

5. Go on a picnic! Pack up a lunch, grab a blanket or tablecloth, and head out to the most scenic spot in your area. Enjoy a meal and some good company outdoors!

6.  Play lawn games together! Every summer we tend to have one lawn game that we get REALLY into as a family. A few weeks ago, my son brought home a Badminton set, so we’ve been playing that frequently, and last summer we played a lot of Cornhole. Other fun lawn games include Horseshoes, Ladder Ball, Bocce, even Lawn Twister!

7. Host a family talent show! Spend a day practicing dance routines, magic shows, juggling acts, or whatever special talents you have to show off. Perform your talent show in the evening, and give out prizes for crowd favorites!

8.  Have an at-home camp out, either in your backyard or right in your living room. Break out the tent and sleeping bags, and make s’mores with a simple tabletop s’mores maker.

9.  Plan a staycation, and enjoy your own town like a tourist! Read more about why staycations are great and how to plan one.

10.  Enjoy the great outdoors! Check out the local lakes, rivers, and hiking trails in your area.

What are your favorite summertime traditions?

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