· Bright Ideas · 9 Surprising Problems You Can Solve With Good Old White Glue
Bright Ideas · 9 Surprising Problems You Can Solve With Good Old White Glue

9 Surprising Problems You Can Solve With Good Old White Glue

White glue isn't just for grade school crafts anymore, and these 9 handy household uses prove it!

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If you don’t have a school-age child or grandchild, there isn’t much of a reason to keep a bottle of white glue around, right? That’s what I thought too, until I started seeing some brilliant ideas involving white glue popping up around the web!

As it turns out, that simple white school glue we all remember from grade school can not only help you create unique and beautiful projects, it can also help solve several of life’s everyday annoyances! And the key to the versatility of white glue comes down to the way it behaves in different states.

In liquid form, white glue is thin, easy to work with, and easily cleaned up. And once it dries, it forms a moderately strong bond while remaining quite malleable. It’s these behaviors that make white glue a true unsung hero of versatility!

To prove it, I’ve included 9 of my favorite uses for white glue below. But this list is far from exhaustive, so if you have a favorite use for white glue that isn’t listed here, be sure to share it with us in a comment at the end of this post!

9 Surprising Uses For White Glue

1. Removing Splinters

To remove a pesky splinter or sliver from your finger, coat the area in a layer of white glue. Let the glue dry completely, then peel the dried glue away from your skin. The glue should pull the splinter out as it is removed.

2. Securing Shirt Buttons

Dab a bit of white glue on the threads of the buttons on your shirts. This will help prevent the threads from fraying, and will keep your buttons on longer.

3. Repairing Screw Holes

If a screw hole has gotten a bit too big to securely hold your screw, saturate a cotton ball with white glue and stuff it in the hole. Leave the cotton ball to dry overnight, and in the morning, it will have hardened and will anchor your screw, no problem!

4. Filling Nail Holes

If redecorating or moving has exposed unsightly nail and tack holes in your walls, you can fill them with a bit of white glue. Simply squeeze a bit of glue into the hole, and smooth it down so it’s flush with the wall using a bit of plastic wrap on your finger. Let it dry, then paint over it if necessary.

5. Crafting Homemade Piñatas

Though a traditional papier mâché mixture uses flour, we used a mixture containing white glue to create these adorable custom piñatas. Get the full details and instructions at the link below.

Read More: Make Your Own Customized Piñatas

6. Preventing Fraying

Keep shoelaces, string, and rope from fraying and unraveling by coating the ends in a bit of white glue.

7. Emergency First Aid

If you get a paper cut, hangnail, cracked nail, or other minor injury, but don’t have any bandages handy, grab your bottle of white glue! Smooth a thin layer of glue over the injury and let it dry. The glue will seal out dirt and help dull the pain until you can clean it properly.

8. Cleaning Out Pores

Fashion your own pore-clearing strips out of white glue. Just smooth a layer over your nose or chin, let it dry, then carefully peel it off to peel away blackheads.

9. Crafting & Decoupage

Combine three parts glue and one part water to mix up a batch of a homemade decoupage medium (AKA “Mod Podge.”) This DIY version is holds its own with the store-bought stuff, and it’s just as easy to use! Layer it onto your project with a sponge brush, allowing each layer to dry in between, with one final layer to seal in the final effect.

Do you have a favorite tip or trick that uses white glue?

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