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Surprising Ways Avocados Benefit You Inside and Out!

If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it might just be avocados! Between their health benefits, beauty benefits, and the fact that they are delicious all by themselves and in a vast variety of dishes…avocados are simply the perfect food! Apparently the “alligator pear” (another name for avocados) doesn’t fall far from the tree either because my daughter Britta seems to be in complete agreement. 🙂

Britta writes…..     As most of you are aware, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. I’m not personally very invested in football, so I usually just use the game as an excuse to eat an indecent amount of guacamole. And apparently I’m not alone! The Hass Avocado Board has estimated that avocado consumption will top 100 million pounds (or a whopping 240 million avocados!) this weekend in conjunction with the big game. Let’s face it – we have a love affair with avocados, but that’s a GOOD thing!

In addition to being extremely delicious, the avocado fruit (which happens to be part of the berry family!) is high in monounsaturated fats, which can help reduce “bad” cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease. Avocados also contain a good amount of protein, potassium, and B vitamins, which are all good things our bodies need. And on top of all those health benefits, avocados also have plenty of beauty benefits as well thanks to their antioxidants and amino acids! So today I thought I’d share some ideas for eating, using, and storing this amazing fruit!

First, a few interesting FACTS about this fruit (yes, avocados ARE considered a FRUIT!):

  • Avocados were used as a spread instead of butter when European sailors traveled to the New World.
  • The avocado is an Aztec symbol of love and fertility and they only grow in pairs.
  • In Brazil, avocados are a popular ingredient for ice creams and in the Philippines they purée avocados with sugar and milk for a dessert drink.
  • Avocados used to be served only to royalty and were a symbol of wealth.

Luckily nowadays you and I can enjoy them anytime!

Avocados for Eating

Avocados are especially near and dear to my heart, because last year my husband and I eliminated dairy from our diets. (To make a long story short, my poor husband finally admitted to himself that he is lactose-interolerant, which was tough for him to do because he really loved all things cheesy and creamy. So to try to make it easier on him, I went dairy-free too.) But it wasn’t all bad, because the elimination of dairy from our diets made way for a renewed love affair with avocados! We started discovering all the different ways we could get that fatty, creamy fix from avocados that we desperately missed from our dairy-eating days.

So here’s a collection of awesome avocado recipes, starting with my personal favorite breakfast recipe!

Egg and Avocado Toast
from The Corner Kitchen

If you haven’t ever tried Egg and Avocado Toast, give it a try! It takes maybe 10 minutes to throw together, and it’s super satisfying! This mix of complex carbs,  healthy fats, and protein will keep you full and give you steady energy throughout the morning or afternoon. And most importantly, it’s SO DELICIOUS. Especially with a dash or two of hot sauce on top! Okay, okay… enough about the toast, back to the avocado recipes!

Perfect Guacamole
from Gimme Some Oven

Creamy Avocado Pasta
from Damn Delicious

Guacamole Deviled Eggs
from Simply Recipes

Crispy Avocado Fries
from Kim’s Healthy Eats

Avocado Mac and Cheese
from Two Peas and Their Pod

Avocado Quesadillas
from The Garden Grazer

Tuna Avocado Boats
from Not Enough Cinnamon

Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies
from The Smoothie Lover

 And just as a refresher, here are a few of the delicious avocado recipes we’ve posted in the past here on OGT! 🙂

My Sister-in-Law’s Southwest Salsa
Click here to see the post!

Super Healthy, Super Salsa!
Click here to see the post!

Avocados for Beauty

As I mentioned above, avocados contain beneficial antioxidants and amino acids, and they also happen to be super moisturizing! With all of these wonderful qualities, it’s a no-brainer that avocados would make a perfect addition to your at-home health and beauty routines. So next time you’ve got a half an avocado left over from lunch, give one of these a try and treat yourself to some avocado pampering!

Moisturizing Hair Mask
from The Happier Homemaker

Avocado Egg White Face Mask
from Noob Cook

Avocado Hand Scrub and Moisturizer
from Crunchy Betty

Avocado Soap
from Soap Recipes 101


Storing Avocados

There are many different opinions on the best way to store an unused half of an avocado. If you have a vacuum sealer, this is proabably your best bet, since exposure to air is what causes the avocado flesh to turn brown and unappealing. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, sprinkling a bit of lemon or lime juice over the avocado can help to slow the browning process. I’ve also heard the storing your unused avocado half with a bit of cut onions can help keep it fresh!

For freezing, mash or slice the avocado, mix with a tablespoon or so of lemon/lime juice, and place into a freezer bag. Use a vacuum sealer to remove the air, or you can also simply place a straw in the bag to suck the air out. Frozen avocados definitely won’t keep indefinitely, but you should be able to store them for a month or two this way!

The next time you find yourself in possession of an amazing avocado, I hope you’ll remember the endless possibilities inside!

Important Note: Although avocado makes a delicious and healthy food for humans,  many animals (such as birds and rabbits) can actually be poisoned by ingesting the skin, flesh, or seed of avocados. Cats and dogs are less sensitive to avocado, but would still probably experience mild to moderate digestive distress after ingestion, according to the ASPCA.

Do you have a favorite avocado recipe? 

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