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Advice · 10 Surprising Ways You Can Make Money

10 Surprising Ways You Can Make Money

By raise of hand, who here is interested in learning about ways to earn some extra cash? Oh, wait… all of us are? Of course we are! The good news is that money-making opportunities are plentiful, especially the age of the internet. People are willing to pay money for all sorts of different services you may be able to provide. In fact, you may already be doing some of the things listed in today’s post!

Here’s a list of 10 surprising ways you may be able to make some extra money. If you have a great idea or suggestion for a money-making opportunity that isn’t listed here, we’d love for you to share it with us! Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and you and your idea could be featured in a future blog post!

1. Plan Parties and Showers

If you’re a party planning pro, why not get paid to do it? Party planning duties include setting a theme or color scheme, selecting and sending out invitations, purchasing supplies, and setting up the event. A good rule of thumb is to charge somewhere between 10-20% of the total party budget as your fee. The most difficult part will be getting your name out there, but it’s not impossible! Start putting offers and information out on social media, and put together a website where you can feature your work. Build relationships with anyone and everyone who can help you get started!

2. Answer Questions

Do your family and friends hit you up with questions regularly, because they know you’ll be able to find an answer faster than they can? Put your Google skills to good use by answering questions online. Sites like JustAnswer.com, Experts123.com, and Maven.co will pay you to answer people’s questions. It helps if you’re really knowledgable about a specific subject, but may not be necessary.

3. Chat

If you’re a native English speaker, you can get paid to chat online with people who are learning to speak English at sites like Cambly. Your goal is to provide a natural setting for the learner to practice their English, and to provide corrections when necessary. You can talk about any topic, so if you love shooting the breeze and learning about other people and cultures, this could be a great job for you!

4. Rent Your Spare Room

You probably already know about using services like Airbnb to rent out your spare bedroom. But did you know you can also rent out a spare room as an office space? At Desktime you can connect with people who are looking to rent out office space, and you can charge a monthly, weekly, or daily rate. Put that empty room to good use!

5. Be A Friend

On RentAFriend.com, you can offer your time to be rented for just about any activity, like showing someone around town, attending sporting events, or being a gym buddy. You can set your own prices, and have the opportunity to try new things and make new friends in the process!

6. Give Your Opinion

We live in a consumer society, which means that businesses are eager to know what they can produce that will appeal to you, the consumer. On FindFocusGroups.com, you can make money simply by participating sharing your opinion in a focus group setting.

7. Sell Your Stuff

There’s a lot of money to be made by selling your unwanted stuff online. You never know who’s going to go nuts over your old collection of vintage lunch boxes!

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8. Play Video Games

It may seem unbelievable that someone would want to watch someone else play video games, and the player would make money from doing it, but it happens all the time! (My own boys watch gameplay videos and live streams ALL the time.) If you’re reasonably good at a particular video game, have a funny or engaging personality, and can provide entertaining commentary, you may be able to make some decent money just from ads on sites like YouTube and Twitch.

9. Take Photos

If you already have access to photography equipment and enjoy taking photos, you can make money by selling your photos as stock photography. Sites like iStock and ShutterStock accept contributors and pay based on number of downloads that your photos receive.

10. Get Fit

If you’re a fitness buff and love encouraging and motivating others, you can make money by offering “Boot Camp” style fitness classes in your area. Meet up on weekend mornings and charge around $10 per person per hour. Encourage attendees to bring friends, and make sure to make your classes fun and challenging!

There are plenty of other money-making opporunities out there, so find one that works for you!

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