The One Neglected Kitchen Item You Need To Clean ASAP

If you’ve never actually cleaned your knife block before, there’s no telling what may be lurking inside it! Check out a simple process you can use to deep clean your knife block here.

Take Your “Spring Cleaning” Outside

Springtime is officially here, and it’s time for some spring cleaning here at the OGT Studios! We’ve organized; decorated; our kitchen makeover is finally done (update post coming soon!) and I couldn’t be happier with all we’ve accomplished so far! But while inside is looking good, the outside of our charming little house-turned-studio was definitely in … Read more

Tips For Streamlining Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning tasks are one of those things I tend to put off every year, despite knowing that they really do need to be addressed at some point. I keep waiting for the elusive “perfect time” to do those annoying annual tasks, where I have a whole day to devote to cleaning and organizing, and … Read more

13 Simple Tips To Freshen Up Your Home’s Decor For Spring!

I don’t know about you….but *I* am ready for spring! Even though we’ve had a fairly anemic winter this year where I live…I am more than ready for spring to have sprung already! I can only imagine how those of you back east that are still getting clobbered by winter storms are feeling! So to … Read more

Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet (Printable)

Did you know that cleaning your house is good for you health? Me either! As a matter of fact, there are times that I’m pretty sure cleaning my house is BAD for my health. Like the times when I am so frustrated by the lack of effort being put forth by other people in the … Read more