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Take The Farmer’s Market Challenge!

Farmer’s markets are a great place to purchase fresh, healthy, and delicious food directly from the source! With farms across the country bustling with activity this time of the year, it’s the perfect time to go check out YOUR local farmers’ market. And to make it even more enjoyable…Britta has a fun challenge for us!

Britta writes……..  One of my favorite things about the summer months is going to the local farmer’s market on Saturday mornings with my husband Neil. We have a few things that we pick up almost every week, like farm-fresh eggs and tasty salsas, but we also like to try to get a few interesting veggies or greens as well. We’ve both been trying to be more adventurous with our cooking and eating habits, so I thought it would be fun to turn that into a summer eating challenge!

My “Farmer’s Market Challenge” is simple and fun! (And you don’t necessarily have to have access to a farmer’s market to participate.) All you have to do is commit to purchase one fresh fruit or vegetable per week that is unfamiliar to you, and use it in a recipe. Not only will you get to try out a lot of different things you might not normally try, but you’ll improve your cooking skills as well by learning how to cook or prepare those new fruits or veggies.

For my first week of the Farmer’s Market Challenge, I found some gorgeous golden beets for $3 a bunch. I’ve only used beets in a recipe once before, and they were standard red beets, so this is definitely an ingredient that I am unfamiliar with!

So now that I’m home with my beets all ready to go, I’m ready to find a recipe that I can use them in. One of my favorite resources for finding recipes is Yummly.com, which has great search tools that help you find exactly what you want to make.

The most helpful function for our purpose is the option to choose what ingredients the recipe contains. So I searched for recipes containing golden beets, and received dozens of links to really yummy-looking recipes!

I think I’m going to go with this recipe for Root Vegetable Hash and Poached Eggs from Williams-Sonoma. It sounds so good!

So I hope you’ll join me in taking the Farmer’s Market Challenge this summer, so we can all become more adventurous (and healthy) eaters!

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